What is Trail Running?

Trail running in its own way means running through the heart of nature. It’s an extremely round no-stadium sport that includes a lot of active participation from the legs and your upper body. This does not mean you need to run into the mountains to get the essence of trail running, even being in the nature outside will also work as a great trail for running.

Unlike running on the road, trail running includes running through large terrains where you come across rocks, mud and grass, and sometimes even snow. Hence it is much heavier than your normal concrete road running.

Features to Consider in Trail Running Shoes

1. Weight

When it comes to choosing the right trail running shoes you might want to put the weight of the shoes as your utmost priority. You might want to opt for lightweight running shoes that provide comfort. However, if you do not find suitable lightweight running shoes you can also opt for heavy trail running shoes that have maximum cushioning and are supper tough specially built for off-trail exploring.

2. Traction

Not all trail running shoes have equal traction needed for various trails. It is hence important to check for the level of grip that you are aiming at. Shoes made for easier trails consist of outsole rubber and exposed midsole which provides a lightweight yet spring-kind of feel to the shoes. This may be great on a rough surface but might turn out to be not so great of an option for slippery rocks and mud. For the rough trails, you might want to invest in a full rubber outsole kind of trail running shoes.

3. Cushioning

Also called the stack height cushioning is measured from where the foot sits inside the shoe to the ground. Minimalist sneakers tend to have a small amount of foam embedded in them which provides an extremely nimble movement on the terrain. On the other hand, highly cushioned running shoes may provide a disconnect between the foot and the ground even though the hike in itself will be smooth.

4. Heel-to-toe drop

The heel-to-toe drop indicates the difference in shoe height right from where your foot sits that is heel to toe. Most all-rounder shoes tend to have a drop between 4 to 8 millimeters. Whereas rugged terrains will consist of shoes that have heel-to-toe drops ranging from 8 to 10 millimeters.

5. Stability

Trying to move faster up the rough terrain will need a pair of lightweight running shoes that are low on top. To provide extra stability there are some extra partial plastic exoskeletons around the heel cup which adds to the structure and allover protection.

6. Waterproofing

Monsoon season might not stop a lot of trail runners from going out and hence you have to check whether there are trail running shoes that are waterproof. While they might be a bit on the expensive side they can still be a great investment for those who love running out during the rains without getting cold feet.

Top Trail Running Shoes for Performance and Comfort

If you have been looking at various trail running shoes that are intended for better performance and comfort then here are some of the best shoes that you need to invest in.

Evadict men trail running shoe mt2

The Evadict men's trail running shoe mt2 is a great option for those who are looking at athletic footwear that doesn't just act as lightweight running shoes but also as a great stability provider. These performance running shoes are especially great for mountainous regions.

  • Size – 5.5 to 12.5
  • Weight - 310 grams
  • Heel-to-toe drop – 8 mm
  • Traction – 5 mm
  • MRP – Rs. 6,999/-


1. Great for mountainous paths

2. These marathon running shoes can also be used for distances up to 170 km

3. These lightweight running shoes also provide great stability on rocky surfaces.


1. You might want to use it only for the recommended range of distance

Evadict Men Trail Running Shoes TR

Whether you are up for training or going for a simple trail run, you need to take a look at these Evadict men's trail running shoes TR that allows an easy run of up to 30 kilometers. These can be used not only on trails but also on various roads. These cushioned running shoes also provide great comfort and durability.

  • Size - 5.5 to 12.5
  • Weight – 310 grams
  • Heel-to-toe drop – 10mm
  • Traction - 4 mm
  • MRP – Rs. 5,999/-


1. These shoes provide great comfort due to cushion being added onto the soles

2. Great fitting comfort with thick foam padding.


1. Might be heavy if you do not choose based on your requirement

2. Might not be suitable for harder terrains.

Evadict Men Trail Running Shoes Black

The Evadict Men Trail Running Shoes Black consists of an anatomic design that is specifically owed to K Only technology. This provides comfortability with each stride. The rubber used in the outsole is also great as it provides 42% more grip.

  • Size – 5.5 to 12.5
  • Weight – 325 grams
  • Heel-to-toe drop – 10 mm
  • Traction – 5 mm
  • MRP – Rs. 3,999/-


1. There is a greater traction due to rubber used in the outsole which exceeds 42% more than others.

2. Snuggly fit to ensure that your shoes do not come off.


1. Cushioning is average than most other trail running shoes.

Evadict XT8 men's trail running shoes blue and orange

With an extremely desirable color combination, the Evadict XT8 men's trail running shoes blue and orange is a great choice for those looking for athletic footwear that works great as marathon running shoes. These provide great effects on wet and muddy trails by providing great stability and traction.

  • Size – 5.5 to 12.5
  • Weight – 315 grams
  • Heel-to-toe drop – 8 mm
  • Traction – 5 mm
  • MRP – Rs. 6,499/-


1. These marathon running shoes tend to last you up to 1000 km

2. The shoes are also highly cushioned running shoes and tend to provide great comfort.


1. You might want to clip off your toenails so that there are no injuries in case your trip on rocks.


While it is hard to find great performance running shoes that work great as trail running shoes, it should no more be a problem with these shoes being mentioned. You can also check out some of the features that are a must-have in minimalistic sneakers so that you get the perfect shoes required for running.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are trail running shoes different from regular running shoes?

Unlike regular running shoes, trail running shoes consist of lugged outsoles feature that helps increase grip on slippery, loose, and uneven terrain.

  1.  Can I use trail running shoes for hiking?

Trail running shoes are made for the overall protection of your feet from rough terrains which consist of rocks and loose mud, they can hence also be suitable to be used as hiking shoes.

  1.  Are trail running shoes waterproof?

Though most trail running shoes tend to consist of waterproofing feature, there are other shoes that may only consist of non-waterproof mesh which keep your feet highly ventilated.  

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