Here are few things you should consider before you head out for your first trail run.

  1. Freedom is the key Attraction

Running on the road restricts you to following the road while trail running lets you discover and create your own trail.

Freedom is the key Attraction
  1. Splendid View

The moment you go off road into natural trails, you’re mind refreshes automatically with the natural beauty around you.

Splendid View
  1. Different Style of Workout

Trail running is different from running on the road. Different terrains with uneven surfaces require a change in your regular style. Speed must be carefully balanced. Going too fast could cause an accident. On difficult trails, try running on your forefeet so that you touch the ground very precisely.

Different Style of Workout
  1. Pump up your Leg Muscles

Build up the distance and speed slowly. It is important to first get comfortable with the terrain. On uphills take shorter strides and lean forward which will help you keep your lungs at full capacity. Keep your eyes on the trail for obstacles and obstructions. Slow your pace while running downhill.

Pump up your Leg Muscles
  1. New Shoes for a new Adventure

On mountain trails, a sturdy gear is crucial. Choose your gear according to the weather. A pair of trail running shoes which is lightweight and flexible is necessary. Here is a list of recommended things you should be carrying on your trail run.


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