Whether you are a veteran runner or a novice one, you are concerned with the distance as well as speed of your running. It is through the distance and pace of your running that you determine your strength and capacity, along with setting the goals for betterment. There is always a scope for improvement and increase in your current running speed and pace. Here we discuss the top 5 ways that you could implement to increase your running speed.


1.      Move often, move well

It is highly important to train and retrain your body to move efficiently, in order to improve your running speed as well as reducing the risk of strain injury on a repetitive basis. Having an improved balance of stability and mobility in the right areas of your body would help you produce greater outputs with increased capacity and better performance in running. You need high-end skills in order to be a good runner, and thus enough range of motion is required in the legs and joints, along with elongation of muscles before you engage in repetitive motion through elongated running. Not doing so would cause you to engage into a movement pattern that is inefficient and cause trouble in the long-run with strain in the joints and injury. In order to achieve efficiency in movement patterns, dynamic mobility training must be incorporated in the regular workout regime. By doing so, the weak muscles would get strengthened and the typically tight muscles would get lengthened, giving you a more supple and mobile feel.


2.      Engage in strength training

Engaging in resistance training and lifting weights would help in improving running performance in many ways. Lifting weights and embracing strength training would help increase force production, decrease the intensity of muscle contractions, and thus make running easier. This will also result in lesser consumption of oxygen in any given work, that in turn improves running. Engaging in strength training will also improve glycogen storage by building more lean muscle. It also provides twitch muscle fibre development that provides intensity and power to the movements like running and climbing. The development of these fibres could best be achieved by lifting weights with high intensity. Runners must also focus on the strength training activities like lower body exercises, weight lifting and core strength development activities, as well as knee and joint exercises like kettlebell swings and deadlifts.


3.      Practice running-specific training drills

The fastest and most efficient way to improve running speed is to acclimatize your body to the demand and feeling of a faster pace, which can be gained through sports training, especially running-specific training drills. Some of the best training drills for running include interval training, tempo runs, running hills, interval speed running, and fartlek. With the help of these specific speed training drills, you could gain diverse range of benefits that help improve your running efficiency, speed, pace, and distance. Practicing these exercises regularly would make your body gradually adapt to the specific demands that you impose on them through the drills. These exercises are developed to enable strength, endurance, and speed in the runner, through which they could increase the length as well as pace of each run. These specific drills pose a challenge to the body of the runners ina specific manner, that in turn leads to improved and increased efficiency.


4.      Listen to your body and plan on weekly basis

According to the commonplace running wisdom, you must not increase your total running mileage by any more than 10percent a week, while you plan for your weekly DIY training. However, it is more important that you pay attention to your body and how it feels before adjusting and planning your mileage. There is no rule of thumb other than listening to your body and identifying its requirements. Moreover, intense and hard training drills must be followed by easier exercises for recovery and rest. When you feel like you are getting sick, losing sleep and appetite, along with the general pain and aches, you must take it as a sign that your body needs proper rest day for efficient and effective recovery. It is also important that you take gradual steps and add mileage and speed to your exercise and running on a weekly basis. Look after your physical characteristics and responses and do not overdo the drills. Take your progress to the next level on a weekly basis. This would help not only in effective planning and implementation, but also maintenance and follow-up of the set routine. You must understand how crucial it is to take every process step-by-step, wherein you overload your body gradually, let it adapt to the change, and continue it further.


5.      Invest in high-quality running accessories

It is important to invest in good quality running accessories like running shoes, shorts, pants, etc. As you get into the sport deeper, you come to realize the importance of good, comfortable, and high-quality accessories that make the running more efficient as well as enjoyable. A good pair of running shoes is a must amongst all the other accessories, as they determine your comfort and efficiency in running, which in turn affects your running speed, pace, and distance. It will also help improve and increase leg speed, gain longer stride, improve your running economy, as well as reduce risks of injuries and sprains. A good pair of running shoes and other accessories help improve stability, balance, and agility while running, and provide overall efficiency. A poor quality of running equipment and accessories could lead to the ruin of all the otherwise effective and efficient planning and executing.


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