The winter season is right here, and all our travel enthusiasts must be super excited about going on those winter treks. One thing that often worries women travellers is the kind of luggage they must be carrying for different trips. We understand your need for a stylish piece of luggage that can also hold your belongings. Here is our guide on the best travel backpacks for women to help you find the right luggage for your next trip. 


If you are looking for a travel backpack for women, you must understand that these backpacks are slightly different from regular backpacks. These are designed especially for the female body. Other than this, most brands tend to give these backpacks a fancy outlook that a lot of women prefer over boring designs. In this article, we will be sharing with you all the details related to a women's travel backpack that will be beneficial for you in picking the best option for your travel adventures. 

What Is A Travel Backpack?

To begin with, let us quickly understand what a travel backpack is. A travel backpack is one of the most versatile pieces of luggage to travel with. It is a handy luggage that can be used for packing all your belongings in a smaller space. As the name suggests, you can carry it on your back, which makes it suitable for all types of travel. Backpacks are usually compact and are also allowed on flights as cabin luggage. Further, we will share with you our top picks for the best travel backpack for women and how you can choose the right bag. 

Top 5 Travel Backpacks For Women

In this section, we will be sharing with you our top picks for the best ladies' travel backpacks. We have shared all the essential features of each product to help you get an idea of what to look for when exploring travel backpacks for your next adventure. 

Women Travel Backpack 50+6L 900 Grey

To begin with, we have the Women Travel Backpack 50+6L 900 Grey from Decathlon. One of the sturdiest options that you can look at in the travel backpack for women segment is this one, which has a high capacity and is also light. For utmost comfort while carrying, this backpack has an 'Easyfit system', which ensures optimal automatic adjustment and foam back and straps. There are multiple compartments and a detachable 6L shoe compartment provided with this backpack. Your belongings are safe and easily accessible with pad-lockable zippers and suitcase-style openings. This backpack is our top pick as the back-support belt and shoulder straps are designed especially for the female body shape. 


  • Price: Rs. 9,999
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Capacity: 50 + 6 L
  • Dimensions: 32 x 30 x 65 cm

Travel Backpack 50L - Travel100- Black

Our next pick for the best travel backpack for women is the Travel Backpack 50L - Travel100 - Black from Decathlon. Designed for outdoor adventures, this backpack has adjustable straps and a back that ensure ease of carrying. Other than having four compartments for different purposes, this backpack also offers a pole holder, which makes it the most suitable bag for trekking. This backpack has bottom access and compartments for you to access your belongings. 

  • Price: Rs. 2,999
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • Capacity: 50 L
  • Dimensions: 32 x 24 x 62 cm

Travel Bag 60 Litres TRAVEL 100 - Light Grey

Another excellent option for female travellers is the Travel Bag 60 Litres TRAVEL 100 - Light Grey from Decathlon. This lady's travel backpack has a high capacity, is lightweight, and offers you multiple pockets, including a shoe compartment for your footwear. The suitcase-type opening of this backpack makes it easier for the user to access their belongings. All your belongings are safe in the pad-lockable zippers of the main compartment. There are adjustable straps, belts and handles that make this backpack easy to use. You can choose from two colour options in this travel backpack. 

  • Price: Rs, 3,999
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Capacity: 60 L
  • Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 65 cm

Travel Backpack 40 Liters TRAVEL 100 - Bordeaux

The Travel Backpack 40 Litres TRAVEL 100- Bordeaux is our next pick for the best travel backpack for women. This backpack is lightweight with a capacity of 40 litres and is suitable for you if you are looking for a stylish yet functional backpack. Along with offering you multiple pockets both on the inside and on the outside, there is also a shoe compartment in this backpack. This is a backpack that has zippers on the main compartment, which can be pad-locked, and you can access your belongings easily with the suitcase-style opening of the same. The bag is easy to use and comfortable to carry. A rain cover is also included with this backpack, which makes it a good choice for when you are trekking in the monsoon season.


  • Price: Rs. 3,299
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • Capacity: 40 L
  • Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 55 cm

Travel Backpack 500 Organizer 40L Black

Next on our list of travel backpacks for women is the Travel Backpack 500 Organiser 40L Black from Decathlon. If you like keeping your belongings organised even when travelling, this is the backpack for you. The Travel Backpack 500 Organiser offers you multiple zipped compartments and a laptop compartment with suitcase-style opening and closing for ease of access. For the safety and protection of your precious belongings, the zip of the main compartments is pad-lockable. This backpack is comfortable to carry owing to its padded straps and lumbar belt. This backpack is available in four different colour variants and is priced at just Rs. 5,399. 

  • Price: Rs. 5,399
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • Capacity: 40 L
  • Dimensions: 32 x 27 x 55 cm 

How To Choose The Right Backpack For Travel?

Before we conclude, let us help you know how you can choose the right travel backpack. You must consider the following factors when exploring the wide range of market options in the ladies travel backpack segment. 

  • Durability: Backpacks are meant for adventure travelling, and they might have to endure rough and harsh conditions. The backpack that you choose must be durable and have a long life to support you through varying travel adventures. 

  • Comfort: You'll be carrying your backpack for treks and hikes, and these could be longer distances that can make your experience tiring. This is why you must ensure that the bag of your choice is comfortable to carry. Adjustable and padded shoulder straps, waist belts and padded backs make a backpack more comfortable. 

  • Organisation: When you're on the move, it is essential to have your belongings organised and easy to access. You can pick a backpack that has a suitcase-style opening and multiple compartments both inside and outside to make sure your belongings are easy to access and organised. 

  • Style: This is yet another factor to be considered if you are particular about the design and aesthetic features of your luggage. Make sure to pick a backpack that suits your style and matches your personality. Also, do not run after trends; instead, focus on going for the classic styles. 


Choosing a backpack for travelling is relatively easy once you have an idea about the factors to consider and the features to look out for when shopping for the same. As we conclude this guide on finding the best travel backpack for women, the information shared in this article will help you explore the top options in this segment. We have also shared tips for choosing the right travel backpack, which will be beneficial for you in making an informed purchase. 


1. What is the best capacity for a travel backpack?

The capacity of a travel backpack majorly depends on the duration of the trip for which you will be carrying the backpack. In general, a bag with up to 50 litres capacity is an excellent option to pick.


2. Does backpack size matter?

Yes, the size of a backpack matters for several reasons. You might need to place your backpack in different places, which might pose a size restriction. It is difficult to carry a massive bag for longer distances, and handling such a backpack is also another hassle. 

3. Are backpacks safe to carry?

Yes, backpacks are safe to carry. Additionally, they are also very comfortable and can be carried around with ease. While choosing a bag, make sure to pick a product that has lockable compartments. 

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