The most popular sport in India is cricket. Having the proper cricket turf is crucial for playing the game. Along with the appropriate pitch and space, a cricket turf needs to have a healthy atmosphere. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the top 19 box cricket grounds in Bangalore. These fields or cricket sites may meet all of your needs, whether you wish to practise or host a game. So, check the list out.


Since it was first played more than a century ago, cricket has undergone many changes, with many versions making it to the international level. Box cricket or indoor cricket is a popular variation of the game that has gained popularity recently. Box cricket is a concept that incorporates elements and rules from the original game but has evolved, assuming its own identity in more recent years.

Since the early 1960s, there have been numerous varieties of box cricket. There are two batsmen, a bowler, and fielders, just like in traditional cricket, and the team with the most runs wins. Box cricket incorporates several rule modifications in addition to the basic regulations to increase the game's attractiveness for both players and spectators.

Box cricket regulations differ greatly from the established cricket regulations and might change from one area to another. You may learn more about box cricket, its rules, and how it is played by reading this article.

What is Box Cricket?

Two teams of 6–8 players each play indoor cricket or box cricket in a confined area, generally, a turf field enclosed with a net. There may or may not be female and male cricketers involved. The majority of matches last an hour or less, with the rules being established before the game or competition.

Box Cricket Rules and Regulations

In addition to the standard cricket rules, box cricket features several intriguing rules and regulations that add to the excitement of the game. Box cricket takes this into account with certain special rules set in place to make the game fairer to the two teams in play. Playing in an enclosed space has many obstacles.

General Rules:

  • In box cricket, there are often 6–8 players plus one substitution.
  • If there are female cricketers, the ratio of men to women on the two sides should be equal, with 4:2 or 6:2 being very popular.
  • Each game lasts between five and twelve overs, with bowlers only permitted to bowl up to two overs or one-fourth of the total overs in some games.
  • Box cricket offers a few more dismissal mechanisms in addition to the traditional dismissals used in cricket.
  • The batter will be dismissed if anything leaves the playing area completely.
  • The standard regulations treat any rebound catch—whether it comes off the sides or the roof—as a wicket if there are nets.
  • In box cricket, the losing team will incur penalty runs, typically up to -5 runs, when a wicket is lost.
  • The team's runs scored are doubled on the jackpot ball, which is the final ball of the inning. The negative runs are multiplied if it is a dismissal. Similar to a powerplay in cricket, a full over is often designated as a jackpot over and the runs earned in it are doubled to help the batting team.
  • There should be two fielders in front of the bowling crease and two behind it.
  • A super over is used to break ties. Yet, when teams want to wrap up a game quickly, other options include a coin toss for the winner or a one-ball hit out.

Batting Rules:

  • When eight teams are competing, the batting team has seven wickets and can use two batsmen at once per the normal cricket regulations.
  • When there is a last-man-standing rule, the team may have eight wickets and the final batter may play alone if he has no more partners.
  • The number of balls the batsman misses or fails to score off must be watched carefully. In box cricket, being dismissed after three consecutive dot balls or misses is the norm.
  • In Box Cricket, 8–10 runs are awarded each time the batsman strikes the ball on one of the scorecards or boards positioned around the nets. As a result, unlike in traditional cricket, the six is not the hit with the largest payoff.
  • Only when a batsman score runs while seated inside the crease are those runs valid (at least one leg). To stop batsmen from stepping out and hitting is the goal.
  • If the catch is made in box cricket, the ball hit to the roof is either a dead ball or a dismissal.
  • If the ball hits the roof and subsequently goes for a four, there are several locations where rebound runs are also given.

Bowling Rules:

  • In box cricket, female players typically bowl underarm. Even male cricket players can only typically bowl by bending their elbows slightly behind their shoulders. Running in to bowl like in traditional cricket is no longer necessary.
  • To prevent extra runs in the form of no-balls and wides, the ball should be bowled from behind the crease and should not be out of the batsman's reach.
  • The box drawn around the bowling crease must be used by the bowler.
  • Leg byes are typically not permitted, however no-ball, wides, byes, and overthrows still apply as usual.
  • It's against the law to use a sidearm like Lasith Malinga.
  • Each dismissal costs the batting team -5 penalty runs, therefore a bowler not only gets to take a wicket for his team but also lowers the run total.

Dismissal Rules:

  • Box cricket follows the same standard rules for being bowled, caught, leg before wicket, and hit-wicket.
  • A dismissal is deemed to occur after three misses or dots.
  • No stumping is permitted off a no-ball, but wides are exempt from this rule.
  • The keeper must first retrieve the ball from behind before attempting to stump since he cannot stump in front of the stumps.

19 Popular Box Cricket Grounds in Bangalore

1. Rush Arena - Rajajinagar

It is one of Bangalore's most luxuriantly green cricket fields. The area offers a cool environment for playing. You would require comprehensive clearance to reserve this cricket field in Bangalore. The primary cricket field's price starts at Rs. 800. It has amenities like a pitch, water, restrooms, a pavilion, stumps, and matting, among others. A maximum of 12 players may visit the location at once. It is open continuously.

2. Tiger 5- Manyata Tech park

The turf provides full-service support for a variety of sports, including cricket, football, and others. Tiger 5 is a choice if you're seeking a prominent cricket field in Bangalore. They have experience organising elite professional contests. They have a large, 25,000-square-foot infrastructure that can hold 400 people at once. You can reserve this location for gatherings like birthday parties. Also, it provides coaching for young players and children. The location is in Nagavara.

3. Pro Legacy Sports Academy

Pro Legacy Sports Academy is the best choice if you're seeking a cement cricket pitch in Bangalore. The field is well-kept and provides a fantastic playing environment. The grass also offers a pavilion and a place to sit. Also, there is a fence surrounding the cricket ground, ensuring that there are no outside distractions while you play. There are also restrooms, locker rooms, and other amenities. Hours are 4:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Football and box cricket are both offered at the facility. Cricket practice nets are also available. They also provide coaching.

4. Planet Sports

Its excellent location makes it one of Bangalore's top cricket fields. The breathtaking viewing area draws numerous businesses for advertising. Using an app, you may easily register for the turf. The price varies according to the cricket field's scheduling requirements and available times. It provides amenities such as a restroom, a changing area, a place to sit, etc.

5. Sports Habitat

It is one of Bangalore's most well-liked cricket fields because of the size and amount of space it offers. Gamers frequently gather here to perform different physical activities. Large-scale matches are played on the cricket field. You should not worry if you wish to hold a game with a large crowd. The grass provides several sporting amenities, including basketball and football. Furthermore, restroom facilities are offered.

6. Rush Arena - Kasavanahalli

One of Bangalore's most prestigious sports venues and cricket grounds is this one. It provides comprehensive support for a variety of sports, such as tennis and football. Cricket and football are both supported on the main turf. The location provides several amenities, including parking, restrooms, floodlights, etc.

7. Score Bengaluru

Some of the nicest features of this cricket field in Bangalore include the wonderful atmosphere and serene setting. This lawn offers amazing views of the setting sun. Several elite competitions have been held on the turf. The location has cleaning facilities in addition to a well-maintained pitch. They encourage swimming, basketball, beach volleyball, football, box cricket, badminton, and other sports.

8. Dribble Arena

Play on fields that have received FIFA certification at Dribble Arena. The sports arena offers a variety of entertainment options as well as sporting events. It has the resources to support both indoor and outdoor sports. It has a pitched roof with breathtaking views. They offer services like cleaning, restrooms, etc. The hourly rate begins at Rs. 1500.

9. Golden Leg Football Court

The location has 5 fields for both cricket and football. It has equipment for many sports, including cricket and football. Moreover, it provides gear, table tennis, archery, net pitches, skating rinks, etc. The price range begins at 500 rupees.

10. The Banana Kick

The Academy provides a cricket field for both practice and competition. Additionally, it offers coaching in cricket to young players and children. The place was built in 2015 in Sanjay Nagar. For coaching, the starting age ranges from 5 to 15 years old. They offer services for sports including cricket and 7-a-side football.

11. Matchday

The location of the establishment is excellent. The tranquil surroundings and the pine trees provide a wonderful atmosphere for playing. They have two fields for both cricket and football games. It provides services like housekeeping, restrooms, etc. Operating hours are 6 am to 12 am.

12. Kixpress

Kixpress, which offers services for several sports, is the next on our list. A great atmosphere is produced by the beautiful green surroundings. It is one of Bangalore's top cricket fields thanks to its extensive infrastructure. A mud-matting wicket and area for football are also provided. It offers a variety of amenities, including a restroom, pavilion, changing area, pitch, swimming pool, football, etc. You must speak with the authorities directly to get the price.

13. Sports Drome

The location provides a well-rounded infrastructure of support facilities for several sports. 5 courts and 5 turfs are present. It provides services including cleaning, locker rooms, lighting, etc. Operating hours are from 6 am to 11 pm. It can be found at JP Nagar.

14. Sportingo

The setting is fantastic for playing with a rooftop spot. It offers football, cricket, and other services. The location is extremely reasonably priced for reservations. It is situated close to Trident Renault and Rajarashwari Nagar. The location features a fantastic pitch that is well-maintained.

15. Omegs Football Arena

Bangalore boasts very large, spacious cricket grounds. The location offers to coach the children as well. They have well-kept turfs and beautiful green infrastructure. With its effective administration, Omegs Football Arena provides players with a wonderful experience.

16. Bangalore Football Turf

One of Bangalore's most useful cricket fields is this one. Together with other sporting amenities, it has a well-maintained cricket pitch. It provides services for a variety of sports, including football, badminton, and tennis. Moreover, summer programmes with AIFF level coaching are available. The cost of a 7X7 turf starts at Rs. 2800.

17. Play arena

Together with cricket, the location provides services for other sports as well. Together with indoor gaming facilities, it boasts lovely grass-practice fields. Also, you can reserve it for a variety of occasions and event executions. The location offers a built-in area for having fun.

18. The Bull Ring

The Bull Ring is last but not least on our list. One of Bangalore's top cricket fields is this one. The location offers a lovely atmosphere and a large building. In addition to football, it provides infrastructure for cricket. Because of its facilities and support services, it is one of Bangalore's top cricket fields. The cost of a 3-side turf starts at Rs. 6000. It is capable of hosting zorb ball games.

19. The Majesstine Sports

Integrated assistance is offered by the cricket turf. They offer services for swimming, cricket, badminton, and other sports. They offer training camps in the summer and winter. From 5 am to 11 pm, it is open. The venue has a Li-Ning store, Olympic LED lighting, teak timber flooring, a children's play area, etc. Playing requires non-marking footwear. They additionally rent out sporting goods.


Box cricket generally has no established rules; instead, teams will mutually agree on a set of rules to follow when competing in a match or tournament. With a big number of artificial turf fields set up and enclosing the playing area with nets, box cricket is currently incredibly popular in India. Across the nation, box cricket leagues and tournaments are organised, and young people are very interested in this modified form of the game.

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