We all have had that one crazy cricket fanatic or that one enthusiast who not only loved the sport but aspired to be an excellent cricket player one day! These people and their love for the sport stands out everywhere, be it passionate conversations about who inspired them or what kind of bats they use. It’s just true love for some!

India has seen generations of legendary cricket players who have inspired the youth to become excellent cricketers. From Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguli to Anil Kumble, M.S Dhoni, Virat Kohli and many more. These are all some of the very renowned personalities in the cricket industries. So many youngsters have been inspired by them. Cricket is just like any festival celebrated in India, it has brought people together and it still brings friends and families together from all across India.

There are three formats of cricket played at the international level – Test matches, One-Day Internationals and Twenty20 Internationals and then there is also one of the most admired one- “The IPL (Indian Premier League)”. We’ve all had times where, in spite of a tiring day all friends or family members sit together looking forward to that one match or one team we all had been rooting for. The IPL environment is competitive for the cricketers but it is equally competitive for the cricket fanatics. It is a sport where people quite literally come together ,even if you are not an avid cricket watcher you still get drawn by the energy of these crazy supporters and the warm, enthusiastic ambience.

Talking about people coming together, how can we forget the World Cup buzz every four years! India has won a total of two 50 over Cricket World Cups and one 20 over WorldCup. Every time the celebration was of an enormous magnitude. When Yuvraj Singh had hit 6 consecutive sixes in T-20 or when India had won the 50 over World cup the 2nd time, all these moments are imprinted in every Indian’s mind. People pouring out of their houses to celebrate and show affection to even the strangers on the road because everyone is united at least for that one day. It actually is the cricket industry’s jamboree in every state and region of India whenever Indian cricket team has won.

The cricket craze doesn’t just stop at this. The passion can be seen in every little action these fans do. When children of our neighbourhood play in the lanes and streets, be it day, night or any season. Their passion stops at nothing, they will make use of literally anything (a lot of times bricks) lying around to replace the wicket stumps because desperate times ask for desperate measures. Their innocent yet zealous actions are filled with pure endearment for the sport.

If you’re one of those passionate fans of cricket you need to know about the right type of equipment used in this sport!

Here is a list of cricket equipment you should know about:

Since the inception of cricket, players have worn white-coloured uniforms. Even though nowadays you can easily wear your own team’s shirts but at junior and amateur level cricket games, white uniforms are still worn predominantly. You can easily purchase it.

Bat is a nicely carved equipment made out of special wood, with a handle on top to hold and play. These vary in weight and size with age and requirement of the batsman

It is spherical object made out of cork and covered with leather. Two pieces of leather are stitched around the cork ball. The colour of the ball for test matches is red and white for ODI and T20 matches.

  • Keeper Glove

These are worn on both hands to protect the fingers from injury. Cloth and leather are stitched together in the shape of fingers and palm to fit exactly. The inner-side of the glove has finger gaps with cork tips for more protection

This gear is similar in shape but smaller and softer on the outer part when compared to keeper glove. It is used to hold the bat firmly. The finger part of glove has extra protection with hard sponge on the outer area.

These are worn to protect the lower limbs of the batsman/keeper. They are made with cloth and leather. The front portion of the pads is very hard as there is hard plastic or wood sticks beneath. The rear portion is spongy and soft to soothe and comfort legs. Keeper pads are little shorter than batsman pads.

A head gear for the batsman/keeper while batting or wicket-keeping behind the stumps. It is a mix of metal and hard plastic. It has a metallic grill in the front to protect the face.

These are cylindrical and long in shape with shard end like spear. This end goes into the ground so that stumps stand erect in the ground.

Bails are the smallest equipment placed on stumps. It helps in giving easy decisions by umpires to dismiss the batsman when the wicket is broken.


Any cricket enthusiast might feel like a start cricket player once he owns all the set things. That feeling of having your own cricket kit or having your name at the back of your cricket jersey is the start of any aspirational cricket player to feeling closer to his/her goals! This list has made it easier for you to buy the cricket accessories you need to start turning your dreams into a reality. Start your cricket journey by making the right cricket kit for yourself with the right cricket accessories right now!

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