Are you searching for a ‘cricket coaching near me in Bangalore’? Read ahead to find out more. 

Cricket is one of the most loved sports in our country. Many children aspire to make a career in this sport. The game and the cricket icons have inspired youth to participate in sports. The coaching and guidance can help improve their game. 

This might be beneficial for the children who wish to play the game as a hobby or routine or play on a more professional level. If you are looking for a cricket academy in Bangalore, you have landed in the right place. 

In this article, you will not only find a list of the best cricket coaching and cricket academies in Bangalore but also how you can choose the right academy. We will also share with you the factors to consider when choosing a cricket academy to help you find the proper guidance.


One might have a different style of playing cricket but to nurture and improvise this talent, necessary guidance from experienced players is important to shine at all fronts. This base is provided by joining some top cricket academies where the focus is given to all age groups under a competitive environment to learn the most basic as well as advanced tactics of cricket.

More than politics, economics, corruption, poverty, etc, what unites India through thick and thin is cricket. The game itself brings out deep emotions amongst Indians which vary from happiness to sadness, excitement, and pride to crying. Cricket is an emotion that Indians have felt and loved.

Kids dream to become star cricketers from a very young age in India due to the progress of cricket and the hype that is created amongst the fans. To make this dream come true for our young superstars there are many cricket coaching centers in Bangalore. Following are some of them:-
Sr. No Cricket Academy Location Pricing
1 Brijesh Patel Cricket Academy (BPCA) Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru ₹13000/year
2 ‍Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC) Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru ₹28000/year
3 Imtiaz Ahmed Cricket Academy (IACA) Koramangala, Bengaluru ₹ 18000/year
4 ‍RX Cricket Academy(RXCA) Seetharampalya, Hoodi, Bengaluru ₹16000/year
5 ‍Just Cricket Academy Yelahanka, Bengaluru ₹12000
6 ‍Indian Cricket Academy(ICA) J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru Rs.4500/- per child
7 ‍National Cricket Academy(NCA) Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru -
8 ‍Rising Star Cricket Academy(RSCA) AG's Layout, Bengaluru Rs. 900 per month
  1. Brijesh Patel Cricket Academy (BPCA) 

BPCA is the popular cricket academy in Bangalore, founded by an outstanding member of India’s cricket team, Mr. Brijesh Patel. The academy is a host to many international players, coaches holding regular practice matches with hostel facilities for visiting players. BPCA holds a summer camp for all age groups from 6 and above post-summer examinations with 4 practice sessions in a week. Floodlights are provided for all practice sessions after 7 PM.

  • Facilities

One-on-one coaching, bowling machines, speed guns, physical training, turf wicket, video and technical analysis, girls hostel, libraries, auditorium, etc are provided with all other coaching facilities. 

  • Pricing 

All of these facilities can be availed for a price of ₹13000/year (Sat-Sun only) and 25000/year (Wed/Thu/Fri). 

  • Location

Shop Number- 1B, 1/2, Lavelle Road, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001, India

academies in bangalore
  1. Karnataka Institute of Cricket(KIOC) 

KIOC can easily be placed as one of the top cricket academies in Bangalore, India that operate throughout the year. The head coach is Irfan Sait who has completed Level 1, 2 and 3 coaching courses from India, Australia, and England earning him a unique distinction for his achievements. Tours are conducted on an annual basis to various countries like Sri Lanka, England, Australia, etc.

  • Facilities 

High-performance training programs, speed guns, bowling machines, video and sports analysis, etc facilities are provided along with great coaching staff.

  • Pricing 

Various packages with different timings and prices are offered as per the convenience of players. A full seven days with one hour each day package will cost up to ₹28000/year.

  • Popular Players 

Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey, Veda Krishnamurthy.

  • Location

R B A N M’s Main Ground, Gangadhar Chetty Road Near Commercial Street & Ulsoor Lake, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042

best cricket academy in bangalore
  1. Imtiaz Ahmed Cricket Academy(IACA) 

IACA is situated in St. John's Hospital near Koramangala in Bengaluru. Imtiaz Ahmed was a former cricket player for Karnataka who runs the academy. The institute has been catering to players for over 30 years and producing multiple international talents such as Rahul Dravid, Venkatesh Prasad, etc. One of the key features of the academy is that it hosts an annual All India Pepsi Cup where players participate from different parts of the country for a 20-20 match. This top cricket coaching in Bangalore regularly hosts lectures and seminars on personality development for the players. The timings followed at this institute are between 7 am - 9 pm all week with very affordable prices throughout the year.

  • Facilities 

Hosts an annual All India Pepsi Cup, Hosts lectures and seminars for the personality development of the players.

  • Pricing 

₹ 18000/year (regular annual academy only)

  • Location

Bengaluru, Koramangala 2nd Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

best cricket academy in bangalore
  1. RX Cricket Academy(RXCA) 

The most prominent cricket coaching academy in Bangalore. The head coach of RXCA is R. Murlidhar who has a Level 3 BCCI coaching certification under his name. One of the most successful coaches in the Karnataka Premier League with two championships and a runner’s up title under his name. Top facilities are provided by the institute and a bunch of qualified and dedicated group of coaches is present at the training grounds for all the players.

  • Facilities

The Indoor Facility, Turf Wickets, Floodlights, Bowling Machines, etc.

  • Pricing 

The yearly membership for six days a week from Tue-Sun costs ₹28000/year + GST while ₹16000/year + GST for weekends.

  • Location

Power Play Campus, No 35, Whitefield, Seetharampalya - Hoodi Rd, Seetharampalya, Hoodi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037

rx cricket academy
  1. Just Cricket Academy  

The academy aims to develop the hidden talent in a player and nurture this talent from a very young age by providing a competitive environment and offering a chance for the talented players to compete in tournaments. Just cricket academy ground in Bangalore also offers a unique indoor facility that is equipped with the best cricket gears and machines to practice indoors for overall development. According to the skill levels and age of students, the classes are re-structured accordingly for better learning. With a class size of 11-14 students, the average ratio of a coach to players is 1:11. 

  • Facilities

Turf pitches, video analysis facility, the game is digitally recorded, instant action replay facility to ensure "on the spot assessment"

  • Pricing

The Annual Camp: June to January (Only Weekends) costs ₹16000 while the Summer Camp: April and May(Mon - Fri) costs  ₹12000. 

  • Location

Singanayakanahalli, Doddaballapur Rd, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064

cricket academy
  1. Indian Cricket Academy(ICA)  

ICA is located in JP Nagar, Bangalore which offers to coach all the interested people from the age group 5 and above. One of the quality features of ICA is that it offers cricket coaching to women as well. ICA has partnered with major clubs across the Karnataka State Cricket Association from 1 to 5 divisions. They offer matted pitches with good safety nets and well-trained coaches. Tournaments and practice matches are conducted regularly for players to make them experience the pressure and develop their game. ICA boasts of offering multiple Domestic and International Tours.

  • Facilities

Most advanced equipment and a chance to practice cricket with some of the biggest names in cricket

  • Pricing 

Rs.4500/- per child

  • Location

140, 31st Main Rd, TMC Layout, 1st Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

best cricket academy in bangalore
  1. National Cricket Academy(NCA) 

Backed by the National Bureau, NCA is sponsored by the BCCI making the NCA one of the best cricket academies in India. Founded in 2000, the academy was established at Chinnaswamy stadium. Superstars of cricket like Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri and more have learned and trained at NCA. With the motto of improving cricket throughout the country, the NCA is surely progressing towards its goals by identifying exceptional young talents and providing a platform to display their talents and play for their country. Gautam Gambhir, Yuvraj Singh, Mohammad Kaif, Parthiv Patel, Murali Kartik are some of the well-known names that have played for our country which were promoted by the NCA.

  • Facilities

Expert coaches and even ex-cricketers are present to buff up your skills

  • Popular Players

Kapil Dev, Ravi Shastri

  • Location

Queens Rd, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

best cricket coaching in bangalore
  1. Rising Star Cricket Academy(RSCA) 

Mr. Mahesh Gowda founded RSCA on June 11th, 2011. Their sole motive is to provide all the players with quality service and training. With a dedicated team of coaches and training staff, they are open for 16 hours a day for 365 days.

  • Facilities

Gymnasium, Rehab and recovery center, a fitness program for athletes

  • Pricing

Rs. 900 per month and Rs. 2500 for three months

  • Location

#47, RSCA Bangalore, opposite Paradise Biriyani, New BEL Rd, AG's Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560054

best cricket academy in bangalore

Here’s What To Consider When You Search For ‘Cricket Coaching Near Me’ In Bangalore

If you have searched for a ‘cricket club near me in Bangalore,’ then you know there will be multiple options that have popped up, and a large number of academies might seem suitable for your requirement. 

How do you choose the best academy? What factors should be considered when selecting the best ‘cricket coaching near me in Bangalore’? Well, there are some tips to follow and a few factors to consider that will help you quickly choose the academy that is the best for you. 

The following are the factors to consider when you are searching for a ‘cricket academy near me in Bangalore’:

  • Location: When you take cricket coaching, you do not want to spend your time and energy traveling far for the same. The best cricket academy in Bangalore will be a coaching academy near your place, so you do not have to commute much. You must try locating the cricket academy that is close to you so that you save time and invest the same in practice.

  • Coach: The coach is the most crucial factor when choosing cricket coaching in Bangalore. You need to ensure that the coach at the academy is excellent at the sport and training students. Many coaches have played a vital role in making the cricket icons of India, and you can also choose to get training under them.

  • Practice Timing: While the distance and the location of the cricket academy will be a significant factor in helping you choose the ‘best cricket club near me in Bangalore,’ the timings of the practice are essential to be considered as you will have to manage other tasks of your day along with cricket practice. You should choose an academy where the timings are suitable per your schedule.

  • Facilities Available: Many factors will help you choose the best cricket coaching in Bangalore. For example, the cricket academy of your choice must offer all the facilities you need for training. You can check out each academy's website and learn more about the facilities they offer.

  • Future Opportunities: If you are very keenly looking for ‘cricket coaching near me in Bangalore,’ you must be very enthusiastic about the game and playing matches too. While in-academy training and practice with the coach are necessary, getting playing opportunities on-field with other teams is also an essential part of training. Academies that offer you playing opportunities and help you play in matches with other teams should be preferred by you.
  • Fees: This is another significant factor when choosing the best cricket academy in Bangalore. You need to ensure that the fees are easy on your pocket and you are not burdened by the amount you will have to pay for cricket coaching.


We hope you enjoy your experience of learning the game of cricket. Cricket is great for physical activity, and it is a sport that you can play for a lifetime. Physical activity is a major aspect of living a healthy life, that is the main goal of playing a sport like cricket. 


In this article about the best cricket academy in Bangalore, we have tried sharing with you all the essential details related to cricket academies and the game of cricket for the young cricketers. There might still be some questions that you have about the same. 

There are a few common questions that most people have before they choose a cricket academy. We have answered a few frequently asked questions to help solve your doubts and answer your queries. We hope that the answers to these common questions about cricket academies will help you find the best ‘cricket club near me in Bangalore’. 

What are the fees of Bangalore Cricket Academy?

The cricket coaching fees in Bangalore vary based on the academy or institute that you choose to join. The fees for cricket academies in Bangalore range from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 28,000.

Which college is the best for a cricket career in Bangalore?

When looking for the ‘best cricket coaching near me in Bangalore,’ there will be various factors that will play a role in influencing which academy is the best for you. The following is a list of the top cricket academies in Bangalore:

  • Brijesh Patel Cricket Academy (BPCA)
  • Karnataka Institute Of Cricket (KIOC)
  • Imtiaz Ahmed Cricket Academy (IACA)
  • RX Cricket Academy (RXCA)
  • Just Cricket Academy
  • Indian Cricket Academy (ICA)
  • National Cricket Academy (NCA)
  • Rising Star Cricket Academy (RSCA)

These are the top results if you are looking for the best ‘cricketer academy near me in Bangalore’. You can choose the best academy depending on your requirement. 

What age is the best for joining a cricket academy?

If you are planning to join a cricket academy or looking for the best ‘cricketer academy near me in Bangalore’, you will also be thinking about which age group can join. The best age for joining a cricket academy is 8 to 12 years.

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