1. “Alright, let's not kid ourselves, is billiards really a sport?”

Well, yes, but if you define a sport as eating energy gels during an intense half-day workout that challenges both your cardio AND endurance, we need to have a talkA sport also requires good posture, coordination, concentration, precision, and more.

On these points, we should be in full agreement because billiards checks all the boxes.


2. “Isn't billiards a sinister game played by Mafia members?”

Smoky basements, illegal cigar sales, and fedoras… Alright, I'm exaggerating a bit. But is this what you envision when you think of a "sinister, Mafia" sport? In all actuality, billiards is totally different. Whether you play in billiards clubs or public places, smoky rooms are a thing of the past. Likewise, the fedora has become as outdated as the 3-piece suit. In fact, it's actually better to just come as you are.

3. “Be honest, billiards is just an excuse to get drunk!”

billiard is an excuse to get drunk

No, actually. I don't need an excuse to drink alcohol. And to tell the truth, drinking doesn't seem like a great idea if you want to be accurate and stay concentrated. However, there is always the option to hit the balls really hard without any strategy.

But that doesn't seem like the best way to play. And don't even try with the doping excuse. In terms of anti-doping, all sports are covered, even target sports. Take it from me.

4. “It's a boy's thing”

its a boy's thing

It must be noted that only 6% of Fédération Française de Billard card holders are women. However, billiards is one of the few coed sports! There's also horseback riding, mixed doubles tennis...and that's it.

That's about all that comes to mind. You can now add billiards to this list. In addition, because muscular strength isn't a predominant necessity, women have just as much of a chance as men! Even though chance and luck don't have a place in billiards.

Furthermore, women players are becoming more and more frequent. And the leader of the European Federation is...a woman!

5. “OK. But only the older generation plays billiards!

Not true at all. We've all seen the articles describing ever younger runners, but that doesn't call the athletic character of the sport into question

So yes, physical exertion is less important for billiards than for other sports. But no! It's not your grandpa's game.On the contrary, billiards is becoming even more common in schools.


Let's put those clichés to bed!

So let's open our chakras and realise that we have all been subtly brainwashed by Martin Scorsese...

No hard feelings.

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