1. BT 500 Fold-Down Billiards Table

Amateur billiards players who dream of having their own table but are lacking in space.The BT 500 fold-down billiards table is foldable, compact, and is easy to move making it perfect for billiards amateurs.

  1. Chalk

An essential accessory for executing shots, putting spin on the cue ball, and preventing miscues (when the tip of the cue slips on the ball causing the player to miss their shot)!

Who for? All billiards players, from beginners to experts.

Budget: Rs 149, perfect for a small, impromptu gift.

Review?5/5 “Goes on well and will not run out too quickly.”

  1. Chalk Holder

On the edge of the table? On a nearby table? In your pocket? Or...probably somewhere else. Any billiards player will tell you: chalk is essential to playing. First you just have to find it. The magnetic chalk holder lets you keep the chalk at hand's reach. Practical.

Who for?
Anyone that plays billiards.

Budget: Rs 400, a cheap gift that can change your entire game.

Review? 5/5 “great product”.  

  1. Pool Cue

Billiards is a precision sport...so having a reliable billiards cue is absolutely essential.

Who for?
Beginning and intermediate billiards players.

Budget: around Rs 1000. A (very) good technical entry price.

Review? 4/5 ”I bought this product to use during my regular practices and was pleasantly surprised by its price-quality ratio. This cue perfectly meets my needs!!”  

  1. A Gift Card

Let them choose the right size of shorts and their preferred jersey style.

You can personalise the gift card with a picture of the happy recipient in just a few clicks on our website.

Who for? Billiards players wanting to kit out, or re-kit out, throughout the year.

Budget? Prices ranging from Rs 500 to 10,000




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