1. Tempted to Try a Billiards Club?

Billiards table

French billiards, blackball, pool, or even snooker...So many practices and methods require good technique, skill, and even strategy. Billiards clubs are doubtlessly the best option for getting started in this sport, all the more so when considering that membership is very affordable.

Tables, billiards cues, balls...All necessary materials are at your fingertips when you're ready to get started! In addition, a club member will be present to coach you and introduce you to the sport's techniques so that you are sure to improve quickly. Billiards clubs are a good option for playing the sport and having a good time with players who share your same passion.

2. Plan on Playing at Home?

Plan on Playing at Home?

No club in your neighbourhood? Short on time? Don't want to be constrained by the club's schedule? That's just fine, because you have another option: you could always have your own billiards table at home. However, there are two requirements for this option to keep in mind : - You must allow for extra space around the table to avoid being cramped while playing. To calculate this space, add two times the length of a cue minus 10 cm to your billiards table's dimensions.  

However, there are currently smaller billiards tables available for learning the sport and practising its technique - Of course, you will also need some required materials to play: billiards cues, balls, rack, chalk, etc.

Unlike playing in clubs, you can organise games whenever you want and test your skills among friends and family. In short, playing at home guarantees more flexibility without the drive…  

Pretty great, right? Yes, but practising at home does have certain downsides. First and foremost, learning billiards requires at least some coaching.

An instructor's presence gives you the opportunity to correct yourself, practise technique, and learn proper positions. You must also have all the necessary equipment to play at home, equipment which is often times difficult to store

Simply put, if you have a large enough room and the necessary equipment, then let the training begin!

3. Bar, Bowling… Have You Considered a Public Place?

Public Place

If there aren't any billiards clubs near you or if stepping in to a club is intimidating, public places could be an interesting alternative. Public places are easily accessible in terms of their location, hours, and often their price. They provide all of the necessary equipment (although you should check for warping of your chosen cue by rolling it on the table). It is also equally possible to play alone or with friends and even family.

Whether you choose a public place, your home, or a club, it's easy to find a personalised solution that meets both your needs and goals. Now no more excuses, go play! Share your experiences and preferred place to play!  



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