Do you play tennis in summer or winter? Or perhaps other racket sports? More during the hottest or the coldest times of year? Do you fancy checking out our ranges of t-shirts or polo shirts? Take a look at the guide matching your playing habits now.

Your choice of men's tennis clothing is based primarily on the season during which you play. Here it is not a matter of your playing level, but rather to find the appropriate clothing depending on whether you are playing in hot or cold weather.

1. Sports Clothing for Hot Weather Conditions

Sports cloathing for hot weather

When playing in hot weather, the aim is to choose clothing that will allow good freedom of movement and the optimal minimisation of perspiration. You should therefore go for a polo& shorts or t-shirt & shorts combo.

2. Sports Clothing for Cold Weather Conditions

Sports clothing for cold weather

When playing in colder whether your should of course opt for a zipped jacket with tracksuit bottoms. You should therefore go for trousers that are easy to take off once your body reaches the ideal temperature. You can wear a long- sleeve t-shirt beneath your outfit in order to maintain your body temperature. All of these products will provide you with freedom of movement and, first and foremost, heat!


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