Camping in Shimla is one such ideal activity if you have this spot on your list of destinations. Adventure enthusiasts cannot survive without quenching their thirst amidst nature and the wild. Many outdoor sports, such as rustic lodging, campfires, experiential exercises, hiking, trekking, and so on, have been in full swing in this beautiful capital city of Himachal Pradesh. Despite the price differences, all of these camps offer the same degree of comfort and amenities. Natural harmony, peace, and serenity are all guaranteed. So, a visit to these camps in Shimla is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

10 Best Adventure Camps in Shimla 

  1. Hail Himalayas -

This is one of the best adventure camps and tent stays in Shimla. This eco-resort provides a relaxing and surreal staycation in the midst of nature. If you want to get away from the stresses of everyday life, staying here for a night will prove to be a sure fix! A stay here is unquestionably cost-effective. They have varieties of accommodation and are given the most aesthetic names like Mountain Luxury, Valley Comfort, Jungle Den, Jungle Inn, and Mud House. All of these are twin sharing tents facing different yet blissful views. This camping site in Shimla offers a wide variety of adventure activities like Rock Climbing, Trekking, Trampoline, Valley Crossing, Zipline, Commando Nets, Burma Bridge, Sloth Walk, and Wilderness Camping. 

  • Price: Rs. 3,500 per person per night. 

  1. Snow Trails Camp -

If you're looking for the best camping tents in Shimla, look no further than the Snow Trails Camp. Nestled in the middle of the mountains, this place is ideal for getting up close and personal with nature. The campsite is on a hilltop in the centre of an apple orchard. The snow-capped Churdhar mountain, Sirmour valley, Giri River, Shimla hills, Chail & Kufri can all be seen from here. The campsite is located away from the hustle and bustle of the area. In the midst of nature, one can thoroughly enjoy one's vacation. They also provide high-quality, farm-fresh vegetables. They also offer outdoor activities such as rappelling, flying fox, and high ropes. 

  • Price: Rs. 4,000 per person per night.

  1. Redwood Camp Stay -

The Redwood Camp Shimla is a perfect place to stay for budget travellers and backpackers because it offers the most accessible camping rates in Shimla. It is set amidst lush greenery and provides the most relaxing atmosphere possible. The adventure activities offered by Redwood camp are white water rafting, jumar climbing, rope activities, fidget ladder, parallel ropes and swings. 

  • Price: Rs. 2,300 per person per night.

  1. Mashobra Greens -

If you're looking for a place to camp near Shimla, this is the place to go. Mashobra Greens delivers just what they advertise. Nature, mountain sun, log-camps, and pin-drop quiet combine to make this town a fun place to visit. Away from the crowded capital, you'll find solitude in the cedar forest, surrounded by the enchanting scent of the wilderness, and the weather is just right (between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius) to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Cool breezes, beautiful sunsets, and peaceful mountains are all there is to it. They have some amazing options for stay like Swiss Tent, Bamboo Cottage and Luxury Mud Cottage. 

  • Price: Rs. 2,900 per person per night.

  1. Jupiter Camps -

Jupiter Camps is a great place to visit if you're looking for a relaxing holiday in Himachal Pradesh. These are some of the most relaxing camps in this state. Enjoy a bowl of maggie, relax by the fire, or simply take in the scenery with a cup of chai. Jupiter Camps is an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, as well as a wonderful spot for relaxing and recharging in peace. 

  • Price: Rs. 2,599 per person per night.

  1. Jungle Living Camps -

Jungle Livinn is a 2-star hotel located 42.3 kilometers from Shimla Railway Station and 42.3 kilometers from Shimla Railway Station Bus Stop. The tents are equipped with a tiled toilet with a showerhead and hot and cold running water 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From daybreak to nightfall, each house is illuminated by natural light and provides a unique perspective of the valley. All of the cabins have wooden roofs and are fully equipped. This place offers the onlookers an ideal valley view, along with the rising clouds, and appears to be a piece of heaven on earth. The full Shimla lighting view at night provides a smooth and restful feeling to help you relax after a long day of adventure activities. It's the ideal place to unwind in the middle of thick pine forests and apple orchards. 

  • Price: Rs. 5,000 per night.

  1. Park Wood Shoghi -

The Park Wood camps are located in Shimla's Shoghi neighborhood. It covers an area of 20 acres and is located at a height of 5,700 feet above the sea level. These camps, which are set in the middle of nature, offer some of the best tourist experiences. These camps, which have a village look to them, are worth a look. They also have basic amenities such as comfortable lodging, sanitary sanitation, parking, and room service. There are a variety of outdoor sports, mountain biking, pottery making, team building events, rock climbing and rappelling, and obstacle course adventure activities available.

  • Price: Rs. 9,500 per night.

  1. Off the city camps - 

Shimla's off-the-beaten-path camping spots are a popular tourist attraction. Mashobra is one such camping site. This specific area is situated outside of Shimla's main city. You can set up camps here without having to think about the needs and facilities because they are well catered for. Mashobra Greens is located in the Naldhera interstate at a height of 7,650 feet above sea level. You will be able to participate in a variety of events such as rappelling, flying fox, treasure hunt, and many other exciting activities. The location is surrounded by lush green deodar trees and provides a panoramic view. A water stream runs alongside the camp, and there are many interesting trekking and hiking routes all around it. The camp provides 11 tents with attached washrooms and all basic facilities for a relaxing stay. This is most likely one of the few camps in Shimla.

  • Price: Rs. 6,000 per night.

  1. Wanderers Camps -

Shimla is 16 kilometers away from the Wanderer camps. It is located in Jungle Rajneela, which is a forested region. These camps, which are located in the heart of nature, provide the best possible comfort and natural beauty. These camps are surrounded by lush greenery and mountains, allowing you to become one with nature. Accommodation, sanitary sanitation, good health, 24-hour electricity, and 24-hour water (hot/cold) are all provided at these camps. The stay here is made worthwhile and even more magical by setting bonfires under the beautiful canvas of the night sky.

  • Price: Rs. 1,200 per night.

  1. Green Getaway -

Green Getaway can be found at a height of 5,100 feet above sea level. This Jungle camp is nestled amidst the snow-capped mountains and lush green jungles of Shimla, and is one of the most common camping spots in Shimla. It is situated in the princely estate of Keonthal. This is the place to be if you're looking for a great place to go camping in Shimla. A vacation in the hills at a luxury resort or a weekend getaway at an exclusive heritage property with spacious suites, jacuzzis, lavish baths, wi-fi, and room service is not a green getaway holiday. Green Getaways is defying expectations by offering a vacation in the lap of nature's luxury. The open layout of the camps and tent accommodations means that you have plenty of fresh air and pure sunshine. You'll return rejuvenated and reconnected after an agenda-free, no-itinerary, digitally disconnected stay.

  • Price: Rs. 1,500 per night.

Essentials to Carry for Camping

  • A tent - The Quechua 2 person tent is affordable and sturdy. It is easy to pitch and packs up compactly
  • Tarpaulin - To lay on the designated camping site, before pitching the tent. This will soften the grass and stones underneath and give a porch like feeling to your shelter for the night.
  • Sleeping bag - If given a choice, buy the openable one, that can be used either as a light mattress covering the floor of the 2 person tent. Or when cold, can be snuck into while zipped up.
  • Bedsheet - To cover self in case using the sleeping bag as a queen-sized mattress. This is an essential, as it can also double up as a stretcher or be torn to make a sling in case of any injuries.
  • Hiking shoes - Depending on the terrain one is going into. Or can choose a generic one with a rugged sole, high ankles and a tough skin.
  • Water- The elixir of Life. At least 5 litres per person for an overnight camp, keeping in mind that it will be used for drinking, washing up, cooking and everything else.
  • Head torch - An absolute must. One needs to be handsfree to pitch a tent in the dark, among other things. Head torches are available for as low as INR 299.
  • Personal toiletries – A small bottle of liquid soap that can double up as handwash, facewash and any other wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer with SPF, toilet paper are essentials, which can be upped or reduced based on need for personal care
  • Mosquito repellent – An absolute must! Vicks vapour rub is a sticky substitute in case forgotten
  • Basic first aid – Muscle spray, paracetamol, anti-diarrhoea and anti-allergen will form a good starter kit. Safety first, always!
  • Garbage Bags – Leave no trace!

Best Time For Camping In Shimla


The best time to visit Shimla is anytime you see fit as this destination is a major attraction all year round! The seasons in Shimla are Summer, Winter and Monsoon and you can pick your season of choice and take a trip to this famous holiday destination whenever you please.

Each season comes with unique weather conditions, native celebrations and festivals, and a wide range of fun activities one can take up while in Shimla. 

Summer in Shimla: 

The temperatures in summer range between 19 to 28 °C. Summer begins in March and ends in June. The range of activities to do in Shimla include trekking, camping, paragliding, and rafting. And if you’re a serious holiday-maker with an unquenchable thirst for adventure and thrill-seeking, Shimla has all the right activities for you! Be prepared to enjoy the best of times here by making prior travel arrangements and pre-booking your hotel rooms as hotels tend to be fully booked during this time of the year. 

Monsoon in Shimla:

As the summer ends, we have monsoon rains setting it during July and end in September. The average precipitation the location receives is a staggering 343 mm in August every year! But these numbers do not affect the kind of discounts offered by hotels during this time of the year. As sunny weather goes away, misty mornings and foggy days set quite the romantic mood this time of the year. This very fact attracts a lot of couples who enjoy the quiet seclusion and calming visual treats of this destination.

Winter in Shimla:

The winter temperatures start from anywhere between -7 and -1 to 10°C. Winter begins in October and ends in February. As the summer skies get swept away by dreamy snow, holiday-makers come in swathes to revel in the cosiness and winter joy this snow-covered wonderland brings!  Christmas, New Year and the Shimla Winter Carnival are some of the most anticipated celebratory events people go to enjoy in Shimla. Winter sports such as skiing and ice-skating are big among people who visit this winter wonderland.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Which is the best location to stay in Shimla?

Anywhere near the heart of the city like the mall road. You will find plenty of cafes, hotels and restaurants there. 

  1. What is the best month to visit Shimla?

Shimla is one of India's most beautiful cities to visit at any time of year. Also, summers are fun due to the temperate climate, and visitors can often be seen going to the hills to avoid the heat and dust of their own towns. If you visit Shimla in June, which is one of the summer months, you would be disappointed if you want to participate in snow events.

  1. Is Shimla safe for couples?

Shimla has long been regarded as India's finest honeymoon destination, and it is unquestionably the spot to visit for all mountain lovers. So, it is absolutely safe for couples. 

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