Camping tents range start from 2-man to 8-man tents, included between 1 to 4 bedrooms, with or without a living space. There are different types of tents as well as different systems for pitching/taking down the tent. But how do you make the right choice?

There are 3 factors that determine the choice of your camping tent: the berth, comfort, spaciousness and the time required to pitch/take down your camping tent.

camping tent

1. Berth

Depending on the model, Quechua camping tents can sleep 2-8 in 1-4 separate bedrooms.

The living space provides extra space, in addition to the bedrooms, where you can sit down, have dinner, and depending on the tent design, stand up.

camping berth

2. Comfort

Comfort will vary according to the berth size, 60cm  will provide you the minimum comfort. The tent's height will offer an additional comfort.

Our Air Seconds inflatable tents will bring more living space and therefore more comfort.

camping comfort

3. Quickness To Pitch And Take Down The Tent

The time required to pitch/take down the tent varies depending on the structure of the tent.

A classic pole assembly requires more time for pitching and taking down.


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