Taming your mind, soul and body is an art, Yoga is such an art which allows you to listen to your inner whispers thereby, boosting up your health. There are numerous postures or asana’s in yoga which involves bits and pieces of your body parts. In short from head to toe, you involve and evoke your senses and sensations, adding every bit to your health. Trikonasana is one among the cardinal posture in yoga which has end number of benefits. Your body has infinite energy deep inside. Evoke the flexibility buried deep, with this simple Triangle pose.

In Trikonasana your body takes the shape of an extended triangle, giving an intense stretch to your trunks and legs. This helps in stretching your muscles, limbs and arms. As the name suggests, TRI-three, KON-angle as the body is pointing towards three different directions. Thus suffices the authentic triangle pose. This asana tones the ligaments and improves flexibility, helps in losing fat from side of the body. According to Sri B K S Iyengar as mentioned in his book “YOGA THE PATH TO HOLISTIC HEALTH” with practise one learns to move from physical body to physiological body by activating organ, glands & nerves. This asana contributes a lot in achieving such a state mentioned by Iyengar. 

Now. let's just dive into the Trikonasana steps and its benefits:

Benefits of doing Trikonasana

  1. It helps our body to relieves gastritis, indigestion, acidity and flatulence. The pose refreshes our body as well as stimulates our digestive system, thereby keeping as healthy and productive all day long.
  2. The triangle pose done by bending your body to either sides simultaneously, improves the flexibility of the spine and alleviates backache to a very extend.Practising this regularly can gift you a life devoid of back pain.
  3. When done in a proper manner it corrects the alignment of shoulders and makes it the perfect shape.
  4. Trikonasana involves the whole body. The neck also gets the benefit when it helps to treat the neck sprain.
  5. The continues movements and stretches gives strength to your ankles and palms leaving it strong and powerful.
  6. Apart from physical benefits, this yoga pose also reduces discomfort during menstruation. It gives a relieving touch to your menstrual cramps, when done regularly.
  7. Practicing the asana continuously helps one to reduce the piled up stress and anxiety inside you. It relaxes your hormones, and produces the happy hormones leaving a healthy smile on your face.
  8. Stimulate and transports blood flow throughout the veins and body thereby reducing any risks of a block or stroke.

Step-by-step guide to do Trikonasana

It’s better to follow these step by step by instructions which tells you how to do Trikonasana. It is important to follow the steps accordingly to avail the complete benefit. Take care of each precisions, because yoga is all about perfection and concentration.

1. Stand straight

stand straight pose

First and fore most stand straight(Tadasana), now spread your legs apart about ¾ of your height and right leg facing the right side, left leg slightly inside facing forward about 45 degrees

2. Extend your arms and bend

extend arms and bend

Now slowly spread both the hands parallel with the ground and maintain the line with right knees and shoulders, go down and touch the ground /grip the right toes as per one’s capacity. Your left shoulder should be in line with the right shoulder (not coming out of the alignment drooping down side ways) left hand facing up and gazing at the left hand fingers.

3. Eyes up the skies

upward pose

It is important to keep the exact posture. Your eyes should be towards the ceiling or upward, never look down unless it’s an exception.

4. Inhale and exhale

Breathing is cardinal. Inhales when you start your pose and exhale when you are going down. Once you are into the Aasana stay and breath in a very uniform and smooth manner. At least stay for 5 breaths in the pose. When coming up inhale and then exhale when out while going to the straight pose (tadasana).

5. Statue for 1 minute

Stay in that position around 1 minute. Make sure that your body is bent exactly to the sideways and not forward or backward.


Precautions to take while doing Trikonasana

There are certain measures to be taken while doing the trikonasana. It is important to keep in mind these measures, because you are doing this for your health.

  • People who are prone dizzy spells, vertigo or high blood pressure can look down at the floor in the final pose. Never turn your head up. 
  • If you have a cardiac condition practise against the wall, do not raise your arm, but rest it along the hip.
  • Those who are suffering from high migraines or certain neck injuries, it is best for them to abide from this pose and practice other. There are certain postures and stretches that might affect these hormones causing such triggers. It is always better to practice certain asana like trikonasana with the primary guidance of your trainer.

Yoga is necessary for your senses to open up and feel the world. Apart from that it has numerous benefits

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