10,000 steps, i.e. about 7.5 km per day. If you have a sedentary job, it may seem like a lot. Don't worry, you're not the only one. Indeed, more than half of the population of India do not reach this many steps. Why is this?

How can you do better? And above all, how can you walk more as part of your daily routine over the long-term?

Walking is a sport that you do without thinking

Start by looking at the positive aspects, because walking only has positive aspects! Walking remains your main mode of locomotion, your way of getting from A to B. Consequently, it is a physical activity that you practise on a daily basis. Even though it is different from sport as such because it is done unconsciously, it is actually the first step that you do for your fitness and health.

Gradually increasing your walking time

As a good pupil, if you are given an objective of 10,000 steps per day to remain in good health, you will be motivated to complete these 10,000 steps.

Come on, let's get rid of our impatient ambition that can sometimes get in the way. Why do we talk about impatient ambition rather than excessive ambition? That's because 10,000 steps a day is achievable!

In order to attain this target, on which your heart is set (however long it takes), start by setting yourself reasonable objectives. If your longest daily journey is between your home and your letterbox, there is no point in trying to walk three times round your neighbourhood… Start with 10 minutes of walking and gradually increase this daily walking time.

Walking to adopt an active lifestyle

You would probably agree that 10 minutes of walking a day is achievable, yet this will not necessarily motivate you to go out for a walk. What if your view of walking as a means to achieving a tangible objective, in addition to a sport, was more meaningful for you? This is because rather that being just a number of steps that has to be attained, it is also a means of getting from A to B! In other words, I choose to walk instead of taking my car to go to the baker's* that is 2 km from my home. You have everything to gain!you avoid the traffic during rush-hour, clear the mind as you walk, save money and, above all, you start to appreciate the simple pleasure of walking.

*you can also start by parking a little further away and don't forget to take the stairs if they are available!

But does this mean that the figure of 10,000 steps is an urban legend or not?


10,000 steps per day, it's possible. If you can do this with relatively little effort because you have a job where you move a lot, or you enjoy walking, that's great. If you have not yet attained these five figures, you still have plenty of time to attain them.


If the objective of 10,000 steps a day seems inaccessible and you would simply like to resume sports gently, you can take up MY WALKING CHALLENGE with the free Decathlon Coach app. Its bespoke training courses will build up your motivation as you make progress, whether you choose the pleasure, motivation or challenge objective. Just goes to show that becoming more active can be fun. However, it is advisable to wear suitable fitness walking shoes.


10,000 steps a day is an urban legend in the sense that you have heard it so often that reaching it seems like a personal victory. Whereas, failing to reach it can weaken your motivation. Do not be a slave to attaining a particular figure. Remember to keep things in perspective. We are not robots.


Don't forget that walking should be a pleasure, a win-win. Look beyond the target of attaining a personal best time or a number of steps. The most important thing is to stay active. This means that every task counts. We can already see you taking on the household chores... with a smile!

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