1. The type of shoes should I wear for fitness walking?

The needs of your foot during a session of fitness walking are specific to this practice. The movement is not the same as when running: your heel strikes with a slight backwards movement.Your entire heel-to-toe transition occurs without leaving the ground, from the outside of your heel until your step is propelled forward by your big toe.

You therefore need shoes with less cushioning than those made for running. For fitness walking, you need support and stability to keep your foot aligned in the direction of travel, but also flexibility to promote a good heel-to-toe transition. 

type of shoes

2. What should I wear when fitness walking?

First of all, it is important that you feel comfortable and that you choose clothes that give you great freedom of movement. One rule of thumb: you should be able to forget about your clothes while you are wearing them!

Furthermore, there is no sport without perspiration. So that walking remains a pleasant experience, we recommend that you wear breathable clothing to evacuate sweat. Also, be aware that your body temperature may rise and fall during a walk, so it is best to wear several layers in order to be able to adapt to these changes in temperature.

To sum up: suitable clothing that does not hinder you in your practice and a pair of shoes designed for fitness walking are the two elements that make up your equipment!


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