Yoga poses for reducing thigh fat

Getting rid of the adamant thigh and hip fat can tend to be quite risky. However, with yoga for thigh fat, it is possible to get rid of adamant thigh fat easily. It is due to lack of exercise and increase age and bad food habits that flab is developed in your lower body. However, when you combine yoga for thigh fat reduction along with a balanced diet it becomes easier to lose weight. Here are some of the benefits of yoga for leaner thighs

  1. Helps in toning and building muscles in the thighs
  2. An overall increased flexibility in your legs
  3. Yoga also helps prioritize strength and flexibility of your entire body apart from also focusing on your thigh region

How does yoga help with weight loss?

One of the main ways through which yoga helps push weight loss is by helping you manage stress. It is an entire mind and body practice that helps people to get rid of sleep deprivation as well. Yoga can also help decrease cortisol levels that actually lead to belly fat increase and causes a lot of sugar-rich food. Hence by reduction of cortisol, there is mood enhancement and a decrease in depression and anxiety. Apart from this, a yoga workout plan will also increase mindfulness based on how often you perform it.

Best 7 Yoga for Firming and shaping thighs


Ustrasana tends to involve deep backward bending of your upper body and is performed while you are kneeling on the ground. It is also called a camel pose. It helps open up the whole front part of the body by stretching your spine and hips.

Steps to perform:

  • Stand on your knees and keep your thighs straight
  • Lean in a backward direction and hold your heel with your hand
  • Push your hips in the forward direction
  • Now bend your head backward till your body allows it


Utkatasana is one of the best yoga poses for thigh toning especially since most muscles get stretched during this pose. The longer the pose is held the better the results are seen. Performing this with weight resistance will also help fasten the hip process and thigh fat cell reduction.

Steps to perform:

  • Stand with feet together and hold your hands straight above your head
  • Exhale and bend the knees while squatting down
  • Press your shoulders down and arch your spine
  • Now breathe for 3 to 6 breaths. Exhale and release your arms


Also commonly called the upward plank pose, this yoga for leaner thighs tends to build core strength while also giving leaner thighs and removing thigh fat cells and cellulite.

Steps to perform:

  • Start with dandasana and draw your hands back and place them behind the hips while fingers face the feet
  • Exhale and press your hands to the floor while you lift your hip
  • Maintain the hip position by straightening the leg forward
  • Keep the toes and feet firm
  • Hold for 30 seconds and keep breathing. Exhale and then drop your hips to the floor and then release your hands


This is a simple backend stretch that is a great addition to your thigh fat-burning yoga routine. It also treats several problems such as back pain and bad posture.

Steps to perform:

  • Lie on the floor with your chin touching the floor
  • Place arms underbelly
  • Now hands are under the thigh with palms facing downward
  • Breathe in and press your palms against the mat
  • Keep legs straight and raise the legs as high as comfortable
  • Hold this pose and keep breathing
  • Breathe out and then return to the initial position


Malasana is one of the poses in yoga for firming and shaping thighs apart from also opening up your hip muscles. There is also strengthening of the digestive tract which helps in better digestion of food and hence reducing body fat and fat cells.

Steps to perform:

  • Start with a squat position and keep your feet near each other
  • Open your thighs wide and put them away from your torso
  • Now bend forward such that your arms fit in between your thighs and make a Namaskar pose
  • Press your inner thighs against the side of your middle torso. Now extend your arms and swing to fit your shins in your armpits
  • Hold the position for 40 to 50 seconds and inhale to release the pose


Stretching every muscle of the shoulder, hamstrings, and hips, this pose is great for a thigh fat-burning yoga routine. It also requires focus on concentration to ensure it is a balanced process.

Steps to perform:

  • Stand in tree pose
  • Inhale and shift your weight to your left leg and lift your right heel backward and try to move your right leg as upward as you can.
  • Ressure on your left leg, thigh, and hip to ensure you are balanced
  • Try to reach bend your right leg while touching your right ankle
  • Extend left arm straight. Now hold it for 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat with the other leg.

Upavistha Konasana

This yoga for firming and shaping thighs tends to engage every muscle right from the buttocks to the arm muscles. Hence providing an entire stretch to your body. There is also increased flexibility observed.

Steps to perform:

  • Sit on the floor in a dandasana position
  • Exhale and open your legs wide and reach out through your heels and press through balls of feet
  • Draw thigh muscles up and look up lift your chest and extend your spine
  • Exhale and extend the pelvis
  • Reach the crown of your head towards your feet
  • Sink a little deeper as you keep on breathing. Stay for thirty seconds and then release

Dos and don'ts while doing yoga for thigh fat

Here are some of the dos and don’ts when you perform yoga for thigh fat

  1. Do not perform yoga for thigh fat reduction, especially on a full stomach
  2. Make sure to not overexert yourself
  3. Make sure to complete all the movements involved in the thigh fat-burning yoga routine to enjoy maximum results
  4. Get a good instructor if you are a beginner
  5. Set easy goals that can easily be achieved
  6. Focus on your posture while performing yoga for thigh fat reduction

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How effective is yoga for thigh fat?

Yoga is effective for thigh fat reduction and is also a great way to strengthen thigh muscles.

  1. What are the effective asanas to reduce thigh fat?

Several effective asanas are observed such as Natarajasana, Malasana, and Shalabhasana

  1. What is the equipment required while doing yoga poses for thighs?

You might want to use the following equipment :

Yoga mat, yoga strap, water bottle, comfortable exercise clothes

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