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Walking is a child's first accomplishment, and as we grow older, it without a doubt is an essential movement. But as the years go by, we tend to take this simple movement for granted. We soon end up walking as per our comfort, not paying heed to our posture, our pace, and now that the COVID-19 pandemic is upon us, we long to go for a walk amidst the lockdown.  

  The lockdown has affected us mentally and physically. But if something as simple as staying at home can help humanity to break the chain, we all should follow the norms. As we come together by being apart, the onus of staying healthy amidst it all is upon us. Walking is a simple exercise that one can practice from the comfort of our homes. Or, if your locality is one that has contained the severity of the pandemic, you might just have the liberty to step out of your homes for a little bit of exercise.Walking has a variety of benefits for your body and mind. An everyday activity, if done right, can have a positive impact on your health.

Benefits of Walking:

·        It burns calories

Walking can help you burn calories that will further aid in maintaining or achieving your goal weight. Walking can also strengthen the muscles in your legs. During the lockdown, you can also add resistance exercises squats, lunges, and leg curls to tone and strengthen your leg muscles.

benefits of walking

·        Improve heart Circulation

Walking can reduce the risk of heart disease. It also gives you the added advantage of bringing up the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and strengthening the heart. According to researchers, women who walk 30 minutes a day can reduce the risk of a stroke by 20% and by 40% when they step up the pace.

improves heart circulation

·        Boosts immune function  

Walking may reduce your risk of developing a cold or the flu. Studies have shown that those who walk at a moderate pace for 30-40 minutes a day had 43% fewer upper respiratory tract infections. Implementing a daily walking routine can help you boost your immune system as it requires a systemic movement of your muscles and respiratory patterns.

·        Improve your mood  

Staying holed up in our homes for months on end can take a negative toll on our mental health.One of the best ways to beat the blues is to walk for 15-30 minutes to lighten your mood. It can help reduce anxiety, depression, and make you feel better.Walking can also boost self-esteem and reduce symptoms of social withdrawal. It releases natural endorphins ones that can make you feel less dull.

boost immune function

·        Improve Sleep

Working from home daily only makes your mind tired and not your body. This could result in disturbed sleeping patterns as you need to be physically tired as well to have a good sleep. Walking in the evening can help relieve insomnia.

·        Support Your Joints  

One of the significant benefits of walking is that it makes your bones stronger. Here area few ways it benefits your joints:
  • Keeps your bones and joints aligned properly
  • Decrease wear and tear on your muscles, and ligaments
  • Prevent back, hip, neck, and leg pain
  • Reduces muscles aches and fatigue
  • Reduces the risk of injuries
  • Improves your overall balance


To gain all the benefits and a lot more, you should start with Nordic Walking if you haven't already. Don't know what it means? We are here to help!

Nordic walking is just like walking; the only difference is that it requires two poles or sticks. You might have watched people use these poles in hiking treks and the likes. These poles help involve the upper body that further allows your body to have a complete workout.


Is Nordic Walking more beneficial?

Nordic walking provides you with a better yet easier cardio workout that increases your heart rate while not exerting you as much as just walking. It works best for people who have issues in their lower body or balance issues. The Newfeel Propulse Walk 100 is the best, to begin with, if you are new to Nordic walking.

It works the arms, shoulders, and back muscles as you walk with the poles. This is especially helpful for people who spend hours working on their desks or lead a sedentary lifestyle. It helps to stretch and loosen their muscles that often tighten while at work.

The poles provide stability for people who have a bad knee or face a problem balancing themselves. If used rightly, these poles also work on your posture.

walking poles


Do's and Don'ts for Nordic Walking

  • Relax your shoulders
  • Hold the poles close to the body
  • Keep them behind the body
  • Don't plant the poles ahead of your stride
  • Don't bend the elbows too much
  • Always keep the poles pointing diagonally backward
nordic walking shoes


What shoes to wear

The right kind of shoes can go a long way. A comfortable pair of walking shoes that fit just right can help prevent calluses. When you choose to buy new walking shoes, here are a few things to keep in mind -


Know your shoe size

This makes all the difference. You would not want your shoes to keep slipping off your heel even though you have laced them properly, yes? Look for easily adjustable shoes. The Newfeel walking shoes come with rip-tabs that can be adjusted.

walking shoes


Make sure the shoes are flexible &lightweight

Lightweight shoes allow you to go the distance without adding any pressure on your feet. The Newfeel walking shoes for men and women provide you with Flex-H grooves that make the sole more flexible.

lightweight walking shoes


Choose shoes that have removable insoles, outsoles, and cushions

The cushions in your shoes support your foot and arch. Removable insoles allow breathability for your feet and can betaken out to dry after your walking sessions. The Newfeel walking shoes for women have thick EVA foam outsole that absorbs shocks. This can be beneficial for your feet as they strike the ground.

So, there you have it! Try going out for short 20-30-minute walks, with your new Nordic poles, shoes, and don't forget, a mask as well. A face mask helps you in preventing infections or diseases, and also helps others from the risk of contracting anything. Buy good face mask that covers your nose and mouth and maintain a safe distance. Have a great and safe walking experience!

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