A first dive allows you to discover the flora and fauna, teaches you how to handle the equipment and gives you a whole new experience. Nevertheless, don't confuse snorkeling with scuba diving - they are two completely different activities. So, you've decided to take the plunge? Find out all about first dives with Subea!

Who is a First Dive Meant For

A first dive is for anyone who wishes to discover the underwater world. However, there are a few recommendations to bear in mind:

  • if you are epileptic or asthmatic, you cannot make your first dive.

For a first dive, you will just have to fill in an information form. It is used to assess your suitability to doing this sport as a medical certificate is not required.

the first dive

What Happens on your First Dive

Firstly, the instructor will give you the necessary equipment for diving (suit, mask, fins, buoyancy jacket, etc.). Then, you will go to the dive site where you will be briefed on how to use the equipment and safety instructions.

In the water, everything will be implemented to ensure your safety, to reduce your fears and help give you an extraordinary experience. Don't worry, a certified instructor will be there to help you all the time: he/she will deal with all your concerns, and adapt the dive to your expectations.

Your first immersion goes down between 0 and 6 m thereby allowing you to fully make the most of this first experience. You'll encounter the fascinating aquatic world with its rich colours and natural life... It's an intriguing and mysterious world where the fish parade around and nature rules, all in silence where all you can hear are your bubbles!

What Next?

After a first dive, anyone who wishes to go on and learn more about scuba diving can follow a certificate programme. There are several training structures available: FFESSM, PADI, etc... They all provide diplomas that will allow you to dive eventually completely autonomously.

If your child was amazed by the underwater world following a first dive, you should be aware that it is not possible to pass the first diving level before they turn 14.

Tips for Beginners 

Our partner and diving club, Planet Ocean, can give you a few last recommendations.

You really have to moderate what other people say and experience. Feelings and expectations are really personal and each dive is different. For someone who wishes to continue with this sport, the choice of equipment is very important. Prioritise a good mask as a mask problem can completely ruin a dive, and choose a suit that matches your intended use (summer, winter, etc.). The Basque region has many small sheltered creeks that can be used all year round, quite shallow with a lot to see, ideal for beginners. Be sure to respect these idyllic spots.

Finally, keep one thing in mind: "ENJOY YOURSELF! "

tips for beginners


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