Although everyone is capable of checking out the seabed with fins, a mask and a snorkel, scuba diving requires initiation and training with a guide. Even though both sports belong to the same world, do snorkeling and scuba diving have anything in common?

1. Key Points - Two Very Different Sports Have Common Characteristics 

Snorkeling masks

For snorkeling, you have to learn to master a number of things such as breathing through your mouth, because you often wear a mask that doesn't let you breathe through your nose, balance in the water, supports, use of the snorkel (very often in any case), reference points for feeling good in the water, use of a neoprene even if only a light one, how to move in the water with or without fins, etc. These reference points also mean a relationship with the water and the marine environment. What might be frightening at first, little by little, becomes the sports environment (rocks, seaweed, plants, etc.). All these things that you learn to do little by little are experiences that you acn store up and use when you make the move to scuba diving!

2. From a Snorkeler to a Diver - The Route to Scuba Diving 

On the whole, here are the new things you'll have to learn: the main point, surely the most difficult thing to get the hang of, is managing your balance in the water (static and dynamic) with a modified centre of gravity, because you're wearing a tank on your back! This is almost exclusively done by managing the breathing level called "lung-ballast control" in diver-speak. Another new part of becoming a diver is technical command of the equipment and diving parameters. Even though this is a bit overwhelming at the start, it's not the most difficult bit! Too many divers think that highly technical skills and equipment control are enough to be a good diver.... Be careful not to neglect proper control of breathing and balance, that's really the essential aspect of diving!

Scuba diving suit

3. Obstacles - It's Not Easy to Turn a Snorkeler Into a Diver

Snorkeling mask

Many snorkelers never dive! They don't want to or they don't have the time, it's too expensive and too technical, the equipment is too heavy... In short, there are many constraints for people that stop them from trying out scuba diving (equipment, medical issues, training, etc.). Snorkeling is so much simpler and it gives you so much pleasure! Alone or with your family, you can go wherever you want whenever you want! It's not an expensive sport, you can share it immediately, do it with your family regardless of age, communicate, be together, be spellbound, see amazing things, meet people, be autonomous almost straight away... There's no limit for age, size, weight or even medical warnings. Snorkeling is all the joy of the sea without the constraints of diving!'


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