How many of you love trekking as an activity? Keeping the hard work aside, it is considered one of the most fun-loving and refreshing adventure sports in the world. The rush of adrenaline, the sightseeing, embracing nature, etc. surely brings a lot of joy. When we talk about trekking in India, we can surely never forget the illustrious Triund trekking! So, let us have a look at this vivid guide to Triund trekking.


The Triund trek is considered to be one of the easiest and most satisfying treks of the Himalayas. With a belief that the Triund trekking can be completed over the weekend, the picturesque view of the Kangra Valley and the presence of snow-laden Dhauladhar ranges add an aesthetic dimension to the entire trek. So, if you are planning this trek, make sure you pack your DSLRs and extra batteries!

The Triund trekking is also considered as the baby steps towards trekking in the Himalayas. The easy accessibility from Delhi, or Chandigarh and the shortened yet steep trail make it one of the easiest treks in the Himalayas. What else is in store for you? You will get through the dense foliage of oak trees and rhododendron forests, and you will have a spectacular view of the Laka Glacier, and the Bhagsu waterfalls, which has a mesmerizing effect on the trekkers.

Although, this trek is usually one of the most crowded treks, and a lot of trekkers tend to miss out on the panoramic view of the Himalayas. The total approximate Triund trek distance is twenty kilometres, to and fro, only! Let’s look at more of Triund trekking in the article.

Table of Contents

  1. About Triund Trekking
  2. Triund Trekking Guide for Adventures
  3. 5 Reasons to trek in Triund
  4. Essentials needed for Triund Trekking
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. The Bottom Line

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About Triund Trekking

If you plan the Triund trek correctly, you and your friends can have the best experience. The brevity of the trek makes it cost-effective, too! If you search the internet, you will find many Triund trekking packages as low as INR 999. However, you will have to be cautious while choosing such packages. Basic amenities like a camping tent, sleeping bags, washroom accommodation, etc. need to be taken care of in such packages. Do you want to make the most of this trek? Then, you will have to look for an experienced trek guide, who has done this before.

There are a lot of nearby places, which catch the attention of the trekkers on the Triund trekking. Some of the prominent ones, which many trekkers have shared are Gallu Mata temple, Gunadevi temple, Kalachakra Temple, and the Bhagsunag Temple, a 5000-year-old temple. All these are known for pilgrimage. Apart from that, the Gyuto Tibetan Monastery, Dal Lake, Naddi View Point, and the Tibetan museum, etc. all deserve special mention.

When you are looking for Triund trekking packages, you will also come across places to stay. Since night camping is not allowed on the Triund peak, you will also have to look for guest houses. There are some comfortable ones near the Gallu Devi temple. You will also find comfortable Forest Department guesthouses, or, if you are in a small group, you can book rooms at Shiva Cafe, and even Dharamkot village, too.

The entirety of Triund trekking can be completed in one day. Still, it is better to break the trip into two days. Who would want to miss the breathtaking sunset and the refreshing sunrise the following day? While you are doing all this, ensure you have enough juice in your camera or phone to capture each memory!

Luckily, there are a lot of eateries available near the base camp. This will save you the time to cook for yourself, or the group. But, you will have to pack other necessities like medicines, bottles, clothing, etc. which we will cover in the latter half of the article.

Triund Trekking Guide for Adventures

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Well, if you are researching Triund trekking, this part of the article will catch your attention as we cover some of the widely available adventure sports.

  • Rock Climbing: This is usually loved by people of all age groups. You have to be extremely fit, and who does not love combining the remote view of the Himalayas with this activity. (Check out our products for this purpose)
  • Paragliding: Irrespective of the place, it is naturally an amazing adventure sport. However, if the Himalayan foothills and the snow-capped lofty peaks are your callings, you will have to try paragliding here. There are some vendors at Mcleodganj, who offer paragliding.
  • Flying Fox: The name has itself awestruck the visitors. Although it is reserved for people above the age of eighteen, it is all about connecting your waist with a harness and rope and jumping from one location to the other. This is usually set fifteen to twenty feet above the ground.
  • Rappelling: You can only enjoy this sport if you are scaling a mountain range. So, why not try it on your Triund trekking adventure? You do not have to do anything, as there will be a trained instructor, and you will have to just climb down a rocky slope, and there will be ropes and harnesses for your safety.
  • Zip Lining: This is just like flying fox, however, it is more exciting as the zip line is connected between two points, and you will slide down with the help of rope. It is just like a cable car, except, you will be the cable car, and gravity will do the trick for you.
  • Boating: This is a crowd favourite at Dal lake. There are no age restrictions, and anyone can enjoy it.

These activities deserved some special mention except trekking and camping amidst nature.

5 reasons to trek in Triund 

Throughout this article, we have tried to insist you try Triund trekking, at least once in your lifetime! You have to look at these reasons to convince You.

1. The view is spectacular.

Who hates the view of Dhauladhar ranges, and the dense foliage of oak and pine trees? This should convince you to try the trek, unanimously. If not, get prepared to capture the fertile and beautiful valley through the lens of your camera, and bring back hoards of memories with your friends.

2. The trek is short and adventurous.

The maximum elevation of the Triund trek height is 2,850 m above sea level. The Triund trek distance is short, and you can enjoy lungs full of the Himalayas, in less time and less pocket-pinching.

3. It is a cost-effective trek.

The Triund trek cost is minimal, and the least in comparison to other treks of the Himalayas. The base camp is also set at Dharamsala.

4. Who wants to miss the night on Triund peak?

A night sky full of stars is a sight to watch, however, on the Triund peak, it becomes more vivacious. The sight is quite provoking, and can only be witnessed and felt. Hence, you cannot miss this at all!

5. It is the gateway to Himalayan trekking!

You do not need to necessarily stop at Triund peak. If you have energy left, you can always explore Kareri lake and the rock-cut caves in that area. They add a different parallel of aesthetics to the trek.

Essentials needed for Triund Trekking  

When you are planning a trek, you should always pay attention to the minute details. There are certain bare necessities, which you need to take care of.

So, let us start with clothing. Well, you will be needing a nice pair of comfortable trekking shoes, a backpack with a bare capacity of 40-60 litres, a pair of warm layers, a pair of trekking pants, thermals (depending on the season), two pairs of socks, woollen scarves, etc., which you may think is essential for clothing. You should also carry pocket torches, extra batteries, and a power bank to recharge your electronic items.

For your personal care and hygiene, you would need your toiletries, towels, toilet paper, wet wipes, sunscreen, moisturizer, lip balm, two water bottles of 1 litre each, and cutlery. You should also keep a minimal first aid kit handy, along with some basic medication.

You can get medicines like Diamox, Paracetamol, Norflox, Combiflam, Digene, Disprin, Avil, Avomine, ORS, Betadine, antiseptic cream, and liquid-like Dettol, cotton, Gauze, crepe bandages, bandaids, and a small roll of micropore, too. Since medical help will not be available on the trek, this can be your make-shift pharmacy.

Apart from all these, you should not forget your ID proof, a couple of photographs, and details to reach your family written clearly in a couple of A4 sheets, medical certificate (if any), etc. These will help your trek guide or your fellow trekkers, in case of any emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Triund Trek difficult?

The Triund trek is considered to be one of the easiest treks of the Himalayas. However, you will have to be physically and mentally prepared for the same. This requires an adequate amount of exercise, followed by healthy food habits, and keeping an unhealthy lifestyle on the backfoot. The pocket-friendliness of the Triund trek cost makes it an easy trek, too. Trekkies can enjoy the adventure more, and cover it in less budget and time. (Do check out our products and other essentials for trekking).

2. What is the best time to visit Triund?

The trail remains open throughout the year, except in January and February. However, the best months to visit Triund will undoubtedly be between March and June. The temperatures are pleasant and range between five and twenty-six degrees, unlike the winters, when the temperature can go as low as -10 degrees. It is better to visit the trail on weekdays, instead of weekends since it attracts a lot of trekkers.

3. Can we stay in Triund?

According to the recent government guidelines, staying at Triund is not allowed at this point in time. However, you can camp downhill and enjoy the view of the magnificent night sky. This is the reason why people love to do the Triund trek so much. They get drawn to the scenic beauty, and the aesthetics it has to offer to the visitors. 

4. Can Triund Trek be done in 1 day?

Yes, the trek can be done in one day. However, it is broken into two days and a night to capture the sunset and sunrise. The first day of the trek is Dharamkot to Triund, which is divided into Bhagsu village, which is a trek of approximately 7 km and then to Triund, which is another 3 km. While returning, you can take a different route to enjoy the waterfalls, like most of the trekkers.

The Bottom Line

With a word-drawn picture of the trek, you surely cannot miss this trek. The Triund trek's height of more than 9,000 feet, the scenic beauty, the inclusion of rapids and waterfalls, view of lakes and glaciers, etc. together make it a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, which you cannot miss! So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your packing and be ready to go on Triund trekking with your friends, colleagues, or family!

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