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Hiking, Walking, Skating, Carrom, Cricket.


I love to play a lot of sports but walking is something which I do regularly, a kind of brisk walking. I am from Chennai and I love travelling and meeting new people and sharing my thoughts and Indian culture with them.

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TOP 5 Decathlon Walking Shoes for Men – 2020

A lot of people do way more walking than they realize. And although walking is great, we all have a responsibility to ensure that we optimize our health and comfort levels while we get around.

January 24, 2020
min read
Toward Comfort - Reimagining the 540 Power Walking Shoes

The development of the PW 540 was a result of feedback received from our users which took us back to the drawing board where we began re-designing a more comfortable and powerful version of the 540

September 26, 2019
min read
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