Leg Protection is Essential When Skating or Riding a Scooter

leg protection

And bam! Falls are frequent and inevitable on wheels, even if you're no longer a novice. Ever had a fall on the tarmac? It hurts. Like crazy. What's worse, you could end up seriously injuring your knee if you're not properly equipped. That's why wearing the proper protections is key.

Most people think about helmets when they think about roller sports. But while a helmet is a no-brainer, it's also important to protect your knees and legs.

Wearing the right gear will keep you safe so you don't get sidelined by an injury.

Essential Leg Protections

When you know that 1 out of 5 accidents in roller sports happen during your first time out and that 1 in three accidents happen within the first month, it's clear that wearing suitable protections is a must. It may not be the sexiest look, but safety comes first!

While most falls when skating or scootering are cushioned by the hands - which commonly leads to broken wrists - the legs - and especially the knees - will not get off scot-free. Knee pads and shin guards can help prevent sprains and breaks in the event of a bad fall. They also provide impact protection during falls. You'll also want to make sure to choose EC-compliant protections.

essential leg protection

Knee-Pads: A Must-Have

Knee pads are the most important protections to wear when skating or riding a scooter. Falls are inevitable in these two sports, and the knees can take a brutal beating. Choosing the right protections is crucial. The key features to look for when choosing your knee pads are:

  • a large surface for sliding on the ground
  • good hold at the knees to prevent the pads slipping off during a fall
  • a comfortable fit

Crash Pad Shorts


To add an extra layer of protection for your hips, buttocks, tailbone and thighs, you can also wear a pair of crash pad shorts. These shorts are reinforced with pads at the hips and thighs. They are worn under your clothing for additional protection and help prevent burns along the thighs in the event of a fall.

To Conclude

Like any sport, skating and scootering come with a risk of falling and getting hurt. To stay safe and prevent serious injuries, wear appropriate protections for your knees and legs!


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