Badminton as a sport is comparatively easy, does not require an expensive gear or an elaborate court and can be simply played without getting into much details about the rules of the game. When you think of the benefits of playing badminton or stumble upon the thought of ‘ is badminton good for health’, you’ll quickly realise that the health benefits of badminton are not restricted to the body but also include your mind. Here’s presenting to you my thoughts that’ll help you understand how badminton helps your body.

Health Benefits Of Playing Badminton

Physical Health

  1. Good physique and toning of muscles
tones muscle

One among the important benefits of badminton is that it tones your muscles. Everybody loves a lean and petite figure, with the curves and leanness efficiently balanced in the right proportions, irrespective of one’s size or weight. This lean frame can be achieved by muscle toning, wherein the main focus lies on shaping up the muscles and cutting down the excess fat rather than bulking up on more muscle. There are fancy equipment in the gym, that help you in toning the muscles, which when used punctually can help you achieve fantastic results, But what if I tell you, that you can tone your muscles without even knowing it? Interesting, right? Well. it's quite simple. Just play badminton! Yes, all that running, the hand movements and different postures during the play help you tone your muscles, especially the butt, hamstrings, quads and glutes.

  1. Flexibility
how to increase flexibility

We know that stretching helps improve flexibility and flexibility helps reduce muscle soreness and the risk of injuries. The importance of badminton too cannot be denied when it comes to improving flexibility, for a game like this purely involves swinging and reach of the player, which in turn develops great flexibility and agility within the player.

  1. Muscle endurance and strength
release stress out

Muscle endurance helps you perform physical tasks for a longer duration without getting tired. One of the most important benefits of playing badminton sincerely and not as a one-time thing is that it improves muscle endurance and stamina. This is usually evident with the fact that it may so happen that playing for a mere 20 minutes or so will leave you breathless by the end, but as you keep playing regularly that threshold of 20 minutes may gradually expand to 1-2 hours with time.

  1. Improves metabolism rate
It Helps in Flexibility

One of the benefits of playing badminton also includes an increased metabolic rate. Playing badminton, like any other sport sweats you out and burns calories within the body. This leads to an increased demand for oxygen to compensate for the energy deficit created within the body. This leads to increased blood circulation and hence results in a tremendous improvement in the metabolic rate.

  1. Weight loss
increased metabolic rate

Any physical activity or exercise, requires energy in the form of calories which is generated by the body from burning of fats and carbs. This leads to the elimination of the extra flab within the body and helps in weight loss.

  1. Healthy Heart
Strengthen your Bones

The benefit of badminton as a game is that it improves blood circulation to a greater extent, which in turn means that it strengthens the heart muscles to pump blood more profusely. A stronger heart becomes a healthy heart as it causes unclogging of the arterial walls and reduction of bad cholesterol.

  1. Improves lung function
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Blood circulation in the body is systematically coordinated by the lungs and the heart. Thus when heart muscles strengthen and circulation improves it also improves lung function, especially for those who experience difficulty in breathing.

  1. Improves bone density and bone strength
diffuse osteopenia

Another benefit of playing badminton is that it promotes the growth of bone-forming cells, thereby reducing the incidence of bone fractures or osteopenia.

  1. Reduces the incidence of diabetes
Badminton For Weight Loss

There is no scientific evidence that claims any relationship between badminton and reduction of diabetes. However, it can be linked with exercise, physical activity and weight loss. Badminton is a physically taxing sport and consumes energy, which causes the body to burn up glucose and increase insulin sensitivity.

  1. Enhances reflexes and motor coordination
badminton help in diabetes

The entire play of badminton totally depends on how fast you detect the incoming shuttle and hit it back before it bounces off your racket. Thus the benefit of playing badminton is that it immensely enhances your reflexes, improves your speed and corresponding motor coordination.

  1. Improves sleep

Badminton improves overall blood circulation, yet tires you out and makes sure to provide you with a good sleep at night, which helps you stay active throughout the day

Mental Health

  1. Build focus and improve concentration

While thinking of how badminton helps your body, what we usually consider are the physical health benefits of badminton game. But many times, we do tend to neglect the mental health benefits of the game, which to begin with are actually quite a few. One of the important benefits of badminton game is that it keeps the player alert and always on their toes, which helps develop strong reflexes, stimulates brain activity and enhances concentration.

  1. One with Nature

When it comes to playing badminton, it does require a good amount of space which by default makes it impossible for players to treat it as an in-house sport. As we come out to play, we tend to get associated with nature, the blowing of fresh air, the rustling of tree leaves and the serenity of the surroundings. Being out in the open and embracing nature in its purest form, in itself feels therapeutic and healing.

  1. Cures Hypertension

Another importance of badminton game is that it also acts as a good stress-buster, in the sense that it has the cure for your hypertension. Like with any other sport, badminton being a considerably more physically demanding sport, releases higher amounts of endorphins in your body, that automatically radiate positivity and relieve tension.

  1. Mind sharpness and strategy building

The win or loss in a game of badminton is based on how well you are able to perceive the actions of your opponent. To win you should be able to exactly determine where to shoot the shuttle, how to defend your side and how to score the maximum in the shortest time. Having this knowledge in a jiffy and being able to act accordingly is what eventually makes this strategical play a win for you.

Social Health

Badminton as a sport, helps you interact with several people, be it your friends, your neighbours or even fellow players you meet at the badminton club. This helps you develop connections with people, improves your self-confidence and personality. Socializing with people from different walks of life often helps you learn from their experiences, make new friends and prevents you from ever feeling alone.  

We currently live where depression and anxiety are on the surge, people are always on the lookout for activities to maintain a good mental and emotional health. Well, for all of you out there, your search may as well just have ended. The answer to all your problems is playing badminton. Once an individual clearly understands this, the question of ‘is badminton good for health’ does not arise and one may also milk this knowledge to include the sport in daily routine and reap the benefits of the playing badminton game. 

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