Oh, the chill! How we missed you! As the late autumn hits us quickly, we find the familiar nip in the air enveloping us in its icy embrace. Winter is teeming in glorious things such as brownies, Christmas, hot chocolate and the feeling of togetherness with your loved ones. Yet with this feeling of cosiness comes the susceptibility of catching a cold or any other air-born diseases so be careful! You can keep yourself well protected, with a couple of new additions to your wardrobe! Haha, found an excuse to shop? You bet! Winter wardrobe is our best ally to beat the cold and look stylish, like always! Now, who doesn’t like looking stylish!

Winter Wardrobe: The purpose

The main purpose of winter clothing is to protect the body from a myriad of cold climatarian changes while keeping you cosy and snug. Thing is, we have always held perception of winter apparel primarily designed to the function of keeping us warm-they are known to be drab in nature with no room for experimentation. Yet with time this has changed with designers keenly eying to get a piece of the winter fashion pie. Naturally, you see a lot of Chanel fleece jackets, Dior Trench Coats and the most famous, Burberry Tartan line.

Now it's important to layer, especially when it comes to winter wear. Since we are mobile beings flitting between the indoors and outdoors throughout the day, layering different items of winter clothing is the most practical way to dress, while looking sharp as well.

7 essential things your winter wardrobe needs

  1. Jackets

Let’s start with the top- the jacket! There is an interesting story behind the jacket, tracing its origin back to short tunics, which were a staple in the Middle Ages in Europe. This short outer garment is meant to keep the upper portion, aka torso and arms warm. It may come quilted or lined for functional purpose- it provides additional insulation. You can choose fleece and fur linings, as they are especially popular. Types of jackets include windbreakers, hoodies, parkas, puffy jackets, biker jackets and bomber jackets.

  1. Coats

Now comes the long brother- coats. Coats go way earlier than jackets, being the hallmark of nobility and grace. Coats are a longer version of the jacket and naturally offer additional warmth. While long sleeves are its speciality, you can opt for a cape or cloak, too. The length of coats varies from hip to floor-length, often belted at the waist to provide a sleek silhouette. like the trench coat, or hooded. Choose a roomy coat that can accommodate the layers below.

  1. Sweaters

Time for the humble yet equally fashionable sweaters. Winterwear is incomplete if you don’t add woollen sweaters to your collection. The thought of sweaters may certainly make you sweat, as you imagine bulky, suffocating sweaters in frumpy designs- not anymore. Modern-day sweaters embody the sleek aesthetics, moulding into your figure like magic. Popular sweater styles for winter include turtlenecks, vests, cardigans and oversized pullovers.

  1. Knit tops/Tees/Dresses

Moving on to knit apparels, they are in a rage, nowadays. Starting from knit camis for women to knit tanks for men, the possibilities are endless as you choose your knits. A special mention should be done for knit tops and tees- they make staying warm an effortless affair. Apparel made from knits come in a wide variety of fibres and weights, from the finest cashmere to bulky wool cables, making them worth the investment. Women can opt for knit dresses for winter, with lengths include just above and just below the knee. For men, knit bottoms are a cosy way to keep your legs warm.

  1. Gloves

A list of winter must-haves needs to include accessories as even the littlest thing can help keep your body warm. Now, gloves play an essential role during winter- you just can’t make do without them! It is commonly considered that palms are the biggest gateway through which you might catch a cold, so keeping your digits warm is important! Gloves are a talk of the trend too- haven’t you seen the royals don their gloves with aplomb?! You can make your pick from normal wool and synthetic ones to fancy gloves in moleskin.

  1. Boots

Shoes shoes shoes- what would do without them?? Winters have their special needs for shoes and NO, the sandals will just not do! It’s essential to keep your toes warm in winter weather and hence, enter boots! These are the stylish yet practical cousins of shoes oozing in confidence and the assurance that they will keep you warm and cosy. You can choose between ankle, mid-calf and knee-length, depending upon your preferences. You can also get boots that have advanced insulation and waterproofing features.

  1. Hats/Caps        

Here we are, rounding the list off with hats which actually make sense as hats and caps and the finishing touch. In this case, its finishing of warmth that these headgears provide, keeping the warmth from escaping through the head when the rest of your body is clothed. Knit caps are one of the most popular choices for winter, especially beanie styles that can be pulled down to cover the ears. There are other types of hats that you can choose from but remember- the material is the king!


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