Hi, my name is Raghu and I lead the Make in India initiative for Decathlon. Make in India has always been a strong pillar of our business model in India. The negative impacts of exchange rate, duty restrictions, and lead time to name a few are already strong reasons to believe in Make in India for the long term. Make in India also supports the carbon footprint reduction stance we have taken- MII through eco designing our products and producing closer to where we sell is will surely mitigate these negative impacts. Our target is to reach 60% MII production in 2 years and 75% in the coming 5 years. 

  1. Bikes Assembly
Decathlon India started manufacturing of Bikes in India in 2012 & today more than 95% of the Bikes sold in India by Decathlon are proudly assembled in India

We work with 2 Factories, one is based in Ludhiana & other one just outside Pune. The bicycles are produced with best manufacturing practices with Decathlon Production Standards applicable at each step. Only High end pneumatic or battery tools are used to ensure tightening of all the components at the recommended torque levels, which helps to provide the best riding experience for the user. 

At an average, more than 50% of the components that are used to assemble a Decathlon Bicycle are sustainably manufactured in India, with the rest of components arriving from Decathlon partner factories situated in different parts of the world. It is our MISSION to bring the technology & knowhow in India to be able to manufacture more than 80% of the components in India by year 2025

  1. Cricket Bats

FLX Cricket bats are proudly Designed, Engineered, Tested, and Made in India since 2011. Kashmir Willow & Poplar wood are sustainably sourced from indigenous northern regions of India and English willow sourced from England. All our bats are handcrafted at Meerut and Jalandhar by the finest Cricket bat makers in the world. With a strong supplier panel of Sanspareils Greenlands, Ranson Sports Industries, and Premier Legguard we ensure the best quality, highly durable, right value for money Cricket products. We take great pride in the quality of our bats and are working continuously with our users to improve in every aspect possible. We are the first cricket brand in the world which provides 2 years warranty on our full bat range.

  1. Organic Cotton

Since 2017, Decathlon has partnered with Omaxe, a cotton yarn manufacturer. They provide the raw materials for our finished goods that are produced in our factories in Tamil Nadu.Located 250 km away from Ahmedabad, Omaxe produces BCI, Organic and recycled cotton, all of which are 100% sustainable. 40% of the produce of Decathlon is exported to other countries.

  1. Footwear

We work with 3 suppliers based in Dehradun, Kanpur & Tamil Nadu.Our hockey shoes that were developed first in India, now for the world was developed in 2018. We use methods such as Dip-dye, direct injection & the cemented process to produce our footwear.In 2019, we also began manufacturing most of our flipflops in India.

  1. Recycled polyester

Decathlon partnered with a recycled polyester yarn manufacturer in 2017. They provide raw material for our finished goods. The factory is located near Nashik and produces 100% recycled polyester from post-consumer waste PET bottles. About 70% of yarn produced for Decathlon is exported to various countries.

  1. Textile

Decathlon has working with textile manufacturers in India for over 2 decades now. We work with different processes such as woven & knit with over 10 suppliers, mostly based in the south of India .As of today about 59% of woven products , 75% of Knits products with natural fibres sold in our stores are made in India. The target is to have 95% of products made in India in the next 3 years.

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