Is this your first time in the swimming pool with your baby? It's not easy to get a bag ready without forgetting something. You're a mother, you've already thought of everything…

But when going to the pool with your baby, forgetting certain things can quickly become a big problem.

organinsing for swimming session

1. How do I Get Myself Organised for Going Swimming?

For the swimming session to go well, it is important to think of everything. What your baby will need before, during and after the session.

First of all, to avoid any unpleasant surprises,and to have a satisfying and fun session, you can call the pool to ask the pool temperature and see if you think it is appropriate and suited to your little one.

If you are attending a real baby swimming lesson, the pool will be heated to between 30°C and 34°C. Outside of this lesson, it will be heated to between 27°C and 29°C, a suitable temperature for a baby. If you prefer, you can also get a suit that will keep them warm.

If, however, you want to go to the pool outside of these lessons, we advise you to go reasonably early. That way you can enjoy the peace and quiet and not be upset by other children.

getting bag ready for swimming


As a parent, you would want to give the best to your child and make sure they do not miss out on anything.

First of all, chose a waterproof bag and preferably a backpack or mesh-bag because between your handbag, the baby carrier… Best to keep it simple and efficient!

In addition to the rest of your things, you should think first of all about putting their cuddly toy or dummy in the bag, which always comes in handy if they have a little cry because they are tired or hungry.

For your child's swimwear, you should prepare swimming nappies to avoid any little accidents, to put under their swimsuit. In some pools, it is obligatory to wear a swim cap, an easy to put on children’s mesh swim cap would be ideally suited.

And the most importantly items like swimming costume and swimming goggles are mandatory in every pool.

Of course, let's not forget a nice soft towel, to quickly dry your child and cover their body.

Also, carry a chocolate bar or some dry fruits, your child is going to be famished and will need something to munch on the way back.

Once out of the water, you will need a shower gel, preferably pH neutral, a clean nappy and suitable cotton buds and pads so as not to forget a single fold. A moisturiser will also be useful if your child has dry skin or to prevent their skin from feeling tight.

The changing mat would also be very useful for getting your child dressed.

And if it is cold or windy, a hat would also be welcome to prevent them from falling ill.

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