Summer has now arrived: Sun, Heat, Beach.
So what better than go for a swim at sea?
For those who are more sensitive to the cold, get yourself kitted out, for the others, just slip on your Nabaiji swimwear and you are all set!

1. What Equipment Do I Need?

For those tempted to give the cold water a try, don't be scared to slip on a Nabaiji swim suit.
For those who "are a little sensitive to the cold but not too much", Nabaiji has created a swim suit (pink and black for ladies, black and green for men), which are suitable for temperate waters between 17 and 22°C. It allows you swim warm whilst retaining freedom of movement.

If you a apprehensive about fitting a swim suit, don't be. It's been fully designed to make life easy for you: with stretch inserts at ankles and cuffs, zip fastener at the back, and you are ready in a one go!

You can also take your pool gear: long or short fins, pull-buoy an flexible water bottle, don't hesitate to bring all your swimming gear in your bag!

Swimming equipments

Why Swim at Sea?

Because swimming at sea especially means swimming in open air!

For those who are courageous enough, going for a swim before going to work, is an excellent remedy against stress. You can also make the most of the beach during your lunch break: a 30 minutes swim at sea is excellent for your health and gives you a boost for the rest of the day.

To dry yourself in a flash, remember to bring your Nabaiji microfiber towel that's ultra compact and highly absorbent, and easily fits into your bag.


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