Read our tips for optimizing your bivouac to make your fishing more effective.

1. The Bivvy

fishing bivouac

Ideally you should always find a flat spot to set up your bivvy. This will be more comfortable and safer, especially if you have get up quickly when a big fish takes and runs.  

For ponds a distance of 10 to 20 metres from the rods is fine.   However, in rivers and large lakes you would be well advised to pitch your bivvy a good deal closer (10 metres maximum) so as to be much more reactive and not let the carp run into the snags.

Check that once you're inside your bivvy you can see all your rods. Sometimes if you spot straight away that delicate bite or tiny beep that signals a run is imminent, it can mean successfully striking into a difficult fish that you'd otherwise miss if your bivvy were too far away.

2. Your Rods

For lake fishing, your rods can be spaced apart on rod rests so that you can fish different areas on either side of your bivvy.

For river fishing it is advisable to use a rod pod or place the rod rests close together so as to have all your rods to hand in case of a big run. The second advantage of having your rods close to hand is that you can quickly get into your boat to follow a fish and play it more effectively.

3. Landing The Fish

In rivers it is advisable to use a boat for playing fish as well as for laying down your rig. Remember to place your boat downstream of your rods so that you don't tangle the other lines if the current gets hold of your boat. Always keep your landing net extended in the boat. This will save you time and also avoid you getting into a cold sweat right at the end of the fight.

Fold out your landing mat half way between your boat and your bivvy so as to lay your carp down quickly and grab your camera in as little time as possible to immortalize the moment. If all these items are close together, you will save precious time and be able to quickly release your carp in the best conditions.


Now you know how to optimize your bivvy space to make your long sessions more efficient when you are fishing there in the great outdoors.


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