The choice of plug bait is based on 2 criteria: size and shape.

1. Size

Plug baits of less than 6 cm are used to fish for small predators.

Plug baits between 6 cm to 10 cm are versatile and can be used for small- to medium-sized predators.

Larger than 10 cm, they are suitable for large predators.

2. Shape

The swimming action of a plug bait varies depending on the shape.

"Poppers" and "stickbaits" swim on the surface and are useful for fishing over weeds.

Jerkbait and crankbait lures "swim" in mid-water. The longer the lip, the deeper they will dive. With them, you can fish in most lakes, ponds and rivers.

"Lipless" lures sink. The allow you to fish on the bottom.


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