Around the country and in virtual worlds, we’re proud to be part of a sports community that sees out the storm together, playing solo but never alone. Amidst this adversity, a lot of us are a little tired, mostly overwhelmed but we wanted to reach out to ensure you’re doing okay and tell you that we’re here if you need any help taking care of yourself.

We understand it's difficult but sport is an essential and a huge motivator that can help you pull through.

  1. Shop Online :

If you’ve been shopping with us, you’d already know about our website and app. While the fear of the pandemic looms outside, the best idea is to sit inside and shop for your sports from the comfort of your home. Pay online easily and opt for ZERO CONTACT DELIVERY just in case you want to stay extra sure. Whether you need to get a resistance band to help you with all your workouts or you're looking for the perfect pair of walking shoes, we'll get it delivered to your door.

Download the Decathlon Shopping App to find your basic sports essentials :

  1. Practice your sport with allforsport : 

We've rounded up our best at-home workout practices, sweat sessions and more to help you continue your sports practice at home. Our goal? That we stay connect, harness the collective energy and together stay motivated to continue to take care of our mind body.

Explore virtual events for different sports on

In case you decide to get some fresh air with the pollution levels at a record low. You’re welcome. But here’s how you can stay safe while doing so.

  1. Try the DRIVE-THRU or RESERVE & COLLECT experience

We made sports shopping faster and easier. Know more about it here

  1. Skip the line, SCAN & PAY

No more crowding around the cash counter waiting for your turn. Simply download the app, scan the bar code on the product and pay online. Start scanning now.

  1. It’s always better to #PLAYITSAFE

We’re getting better but it’s always good to maintain order and stick to our safety precautions. Your safety is your responsibility, but our priority. Here’s how we can work together.Your safety is not just our biggest concern, it’s a promise that lies at the heart of our company. So here are a bunch of things we made sure at our end.

The safety of our users is our utmost priority. We're in this together so we request your co-operation to play by the rules

Your safety is not just our biggest concern, it’s a promise that lies at the heart of our company. So here are a bunch of things we made sure at our end.  

  1. Sanitized facilities: 

First and foremost, we are taking preventive measures to keep our company facilities and warehouse sanitized and deep cleaned at regular intervals. Our teammate transportation services are sanitized post each pickup and drop.

  1. Teammate’s health & hygiene  
  • 100% monitoring of each teammate’s health with daily temperature checks.
  • Mandatory social distancing and usage of personal protection kit.  
  • Continuous education on maintaining good hygiene practices.

  1. Responsible last-mile delivery partners -

We rely on our courier partners to make the last mile delivery. They are equally responsible and liable to monitor the safety of their employees and users during delivery. Sanitizers and face masks have been distributed in their facilities

  1. Zero contact deliveries 

We encourage you to maintain social distance & opt for zero contact delivery by paying in advance for your order via the Decathlon app. 

Shop Safe and #PlayItSafe
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