Are you looking for high-protein foods to add to your diet? If you are someone who has joined a gym and has been working out consistently, the right diet must also be a part of your regime. If you aim to build muscles naturally, following a protein-rich diet will be beneficial for you. What foods should be a part of your meals and which foods should you avoid? Your bodybuilding meal plan, depending on whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, should have protein foods in every meal. In this article, we will be sharing with you the 10 best protein foods that you can add to your diet for building muscles naturally.


Proteins are the building blocks of your muscles. If you have joined the gym lately for muscle gain and bodybuilding, you must know that only training is not enough. You must have a diet plan that helps you achieve your goals and is nutritious. Your meal plan must complement your strength training. For gaining muscles, it is well known that protein rich foods are the best natural option. What are some protein foods that you can add to your regular diet? One of the misconceptions about proteins is that you can only get your dose of proteins from non-vegetarian foods. This is not exactly the case as there are also many high-protein vegetables for bodybuilding. That means you will always have the option to explore no matter what your preference is. In this article, we will be sharing with you the top 10 protein foods for bodybuilding to help you add more to your list of healthy eating options when you wish to gain more muscle.

10 Protein-Rich Sources For Muscle Building

What should be some features of your bodybuilding meal plan? Before you plan your diet, here are some things that you must note:

  • The protein foods you add to your diet should be tasty and flavourful.  Plan your meals such that you look forward to them.
  • Fresh ingredients should be focussed on. 
  • Add more whole foods and avoid processed foods.
  • Plan the variety of foods around maximising the intake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and macronutrients. 

The following are some protein foods for bodybuilding that should be a part of your meals. 


When we talk about proteins, egg whites are something that comes to our mind instantly. While egg whites are rich in protein, the yolk is highly nutritious. Bodybuilding is not just about protein intake but also about eating nutritious foods. This makes whole eggs the perfect protein-rich food to add to your diet. 

Greek Yoghurt

The most versatile protein food that you should add to your diet as a bodybuilder is a Greek yoghurt. A Greek Yoghurt will taste great if it's plain or if it has fruits or even if it is used as a base for a sauce. Why Greek yoghurt over regular yoghurt? This is because of the high protein content. 170 grams of Greek yoghurt contains 18 grams protein. All you need to do is make sure you do not pick any options with additives, food colourings and preservatives and go natural. 


The perfect vegetarian protein-rich food for muscle building is chickpeas. Turn them into a salad with your favourite vegetables and dressing and you are all set to get your dose of proteins and carbs. That’s right. Chickpeas can replace rice and grain in your diet. This high-protein food is great for building lean muscles.


Some of the simplest high-protein recipes have lentils as their main ingredient. These are very simple to cook and a part of almost all Indian kitchens. 


The best high-protein non-veg food for bodybuilding is chicken. Not only is chicken high in protein and low in fat but also rich in vitamins and minerals. Chicken breast is known to be the healthiest for those who wish to maximise calories and proteins for building muscle. 

Black Beans

A cup of black beans has 15 grams protein and is a good source of protein for vegetarians. Good for your digestion, black beans are also a rich source of copper, magnesium and iron.


If you are looking for some high-protein ingredient that enhances the flavour of your food, cheese might be a good option for you. This is the protein food that gives you a wide range of options to choose from. Cheese is low on lactose and you can complement all your protein-rich recipes with cheese. You can also just add some cheese to your other meals. Cheese adds calories to your eating plan without having to add another meal completely. 

Protein Shake

The best high-protein breakfast, bodybuilding enthusiasts will love is a protein shake. This is the part of your meal plan that you can take on the go. A protein shake will offer you over 20 grams of protein in one scoop and also keep you hydrated. A protein shake will also be a great option as a pre-workout. There are multiple benefits of a protein shake for bodybuilding including slower muscle breakdown, better protein synthesis, improved blood flow and more.


Another high-protein non-veg food for bodybuilding is salmon. This food is not only a protein-rich source but also has omega-fatty acids. These stop muscle breakdown and also improve heart health. A fish oil supplement is great for you if you do not particularly enjoy the taste of fish. 


Last, on our list of protein foods for bodybuilding is quinoa. This protein food is also rich in iron, starch, magnesium and vitamin B6. Quinoa is not a grain but a seed that can be used to make a common Indian dish khichdi, which is flavourful, healthy and filling.


In the previous section, we have shared with your the 10 best protein foods for bodybuilding. Proteins are not just an important part of a balanced diet but they are of utmost importance for all fitness enthusiasts who are keen on building muscles in a natural way. The Indian kitchen has many ingredients that are rich in protein and will help you enhance your diet. Blended with the right spices you have the perfect combination of flavour and nutrition. We hope that the food ideas shared by us will help you explore more high-protein recipes that are tasty and healthy and will help you in bodybuilding. You can always find new recipes with common high-protein ingredients to diversify your options and benefit from the goodness of proteins. 


1. Which food has more protein for bodybuilding?

Indian foods that are great protein sources for bodybuilding include lentils, milk, low-fat yoghurts, lean chicken, tofu, fish, cottage cheese, beans and more.

2. How often should you eat protein for bodybuilding?

You should eat high-protein foods every four hours for building more muscle. You can include it in your regular 3-6 meals in a day. 

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