If you are also planning on setting up a home gym, then here is a list of some of the home gym equipment that will come in handy when you try to reach your fitness goals.


Would 2023 be your year to get fit and work out? And well, you have failed at it miserably because you could not afford to go to the gym and work out. Well, we do understand that after COVID has hit all of us, it has been hard to get out of the house and get that workout goal in. However, if you are also trying to fight back this new year's resolution of working out, then we can now help you with how setting up a home gym works. You can also get an entire list of what equipment you need and how you can build a home gym that will correspond to your fitness goals.

How to set up a gym at home 

Determining your Goals

Determining what your fitness resolutions are can help you focus on what you are doing and why you are doing it. Everyone has various fitness goals when setting up a home gym. While some of them prefer to practice yoga or Pilates, others use this full home gym setup to get some strength training and muscle building. Some people focus on weight loss and cardio. Knowing and keeping your goals in mind is quite essential to understanding what equipment you want to invest in.

Finding just the suitable space in your house for setting up a gym

Before you start with your gym practice, you should decide where you want to build a home gym and which area would be suitable for creating a gym at home. At the very least, you will need a space where you can stretch and do some core exercises. Apart from this, the exact space you require will also depend on the type and number of equipment you are deciding to add to your home gym. You can use either the old garage room, an outdoor space, or even an unused corner of your room to get the perfect gym home setup.

Research all about the gym equipment you will need to meet your fitness resolutions

Now that you have understood what your goals are along with which area you are going to use to set up a gym, it is time to decide which equipment will help you achieve the goals. You can spend a little on various equipment to get the perfect home gym and to get that workout. However, you need to invest wisely based on your goals and get an adequate amount of equipment to get your goals going. Here is a list of various equipment based on the type of workout you can use to get your dream home gym.

The basics for a home gym

These are the most basic equipment you need to start with a home gym setup. These are also relatively inexpensive and, hence, a great place to start when you are just a beginner or if this is your first time trying to set up a home gym.


Cardio, in its most basic form, can include exercises such as jumping jacks, running, walking, or even cycling. However, these are some of the exercises which you can perform mainly outdoors. If you are too shy to go out or you do not have time to go out, then you can use the following equipment for performing equally beneficial cardio.


Weights mostly require good equipment for getting in a good workout. The equipment listed below can help build muscles while also keeping your weight in check. However, including some bodyweight exercises, which you can do without weights, are also great when working out your muscles.

Advanced level of equipment

If you are already past the beginner level of home gym setup, then you can also indulge in some of the advanced equipment, which will help you reach your fitness resolutions. Setting up a gym with these also assists you in multiple ways based on your type of workout.

Some of the other home gym items to consider while setting up a home gym

When you build a home gym, it need not be a boring place; you can lighten it up with some great aesthetics such as lighting, a good mirror, and even a fan to keep your sweat at a controlled rate. Setting up a gym by adding a towel stand and a chalkboard or a whiteboard can also help you write down the exercises, which is better than using your phone ten times to check which workout you are at and how many more to go.

Also, do remember that you need to get all this equipment at a time. You can start with just one or two items to avoid getting overwhelmed with multiple pieces of equipment at your house and having to use all of them. Also, if you are new to this, then you need not get a lot of complicated equipment that you do not know how to use.

Sometimes, it might take a long time to figure out how to use a piece of equipment properly, and this might make you lose your motivation. However, you can give yourself some time and create a solid foundation while going slow and searching for gym ideas in the process. For example, when you are working with weights, you can start with basic kettlebells or dumbbells and then work your way towards more complicated types of machinery, which will eventually help you create a suitable workout routine.

Decide on how you will store your gym equipment.

While it might be true that you have ample space set up when you build a home gym, there might be circumstances where you might need a better space. Hence, you should utilize the small space to its maximum capacity to get all your equipment correctly organized. And if you are one of those people who have a short storage space, then you can get some storage containers that will easily store the equipment under your bed or even in your closet. This can include holding equipment such as a yoga mat or a resistance band. You can also use hangers in your closet for the same purpose of hanging mats or bands, which will provide more space when you create a gym at home.

Kettlebells and dumbbells, however, will need more storage than others, and hence, a compact weight rack would be better if you want to arrange your equipment. These racks can also accommodate a lot of heavy weights, and hence, you need not worry about the weight of your equipment as well.

Think about how to utilize the space in your hose for a gym setup

You want to avoid an overcrowded home gym space where you do not even have proper room to move around. Hence, spatial planning is an essential part of setting up a home gym. This can also help determine your routine with ease. Ensure there are a lot of light arrangements in your room and a lot of mirrors so that you can continuously check your progress.

If you are trying to convert an entire room into a gym home setup, then you may have to cover up the floor with some gym flooring so that it becomes comfortable for your body to work out on. Clear out your entire home gym setup free of any distractions, such as a TV or a laptop in your room, which may take your mind off your fitness goals. If you like to follow some workout gym ideas videos, then ensure that you fit a TV that only supports these videos to avoid any other distractions while you create a gym at home.  

Utilizing a storage unit for extra home gym equipment

To find some extra space in your gym home setup, remove some of the equipment that you find unnecessary now, which gives you more free space to move around. Consider using a storage unit where you can hold all the equipment that you are not currently using and is used only occasionally.


Yes, it is hard to stay motivated and stick up with a plan when working out at home; however, for some people, working out at home involves more discipline and ease. While it can be hard to stay motivated, especially with multiple distractions at home, you must find something that you love even while you do your workouts. You can also utilize some of the online programs to get your gym motivation on. In such a way, you can complete setting up a home gym at not just a low cost but also with some great equipment that will accompany your goals this year. So why plan your full home gym setup right away?


  1. How much will it cost to set up a home gym?

If you want to set up a simple home gym, then you can get it done with Rs. 25,000. However, if you are aiming to include some advanced equipment, then your home gym can even cost anywhere between Rs. 25 Lakhs to Rs. 50 Lakhs.

  1. What is the minimum space for a home gym?

The minimum space needed for a home gym can be anywhere between 150 to 250 square feet, with about 8 to 10 feet above the head. This area will help hold your equipment while also allowing you to store all the small equipment in your room.

  1. What is a good size for a gym?

If you are looking for a full gym setup, then you might want at least 850 to 1,000 square feet. However, most of the commercial gym space can range from 3,000 to 8,000 square feet.



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