Ideally, for more efficiency, reproduce these exercises several times per day (3 times), for about 15 minutes. Put an end to eye strain!

  1. The cocoon (regenerates the eyes)

Rub your hands against each other to warm them up and place them over your closed eyes, like a patch, for one minute. Sheltered in this way, your eyes relax, they are plunged in darkness and soothed by the gentle warmth, and they regenerate themselves and relax...

At the same, you are getting your eyes used to light and dark.

  1. Circle eyes (improves myopia)

Fix a point in front of you. Without moving the head, move your eyes up, as far as possible, and then down, left and right. Return to the centre. Continue the exercise by making large circles with the eyes, in a clockwise direction: try looking at as far as possible to the sides. Bring the eyes to centre once again. Repeat the same movement anti-clockwise. When your eyes return to centre, rest them with movement No. 1.

Repeat the exercise about 10 times.

  1. Far and close (relieves the eyes)

Place your index finger at eye level. Stare at it as much as possible, bringing it as close to the nose as possible. Try to keep the sharpness. Then move your index finger as far away as possible by extending your arm in front of you without stopping looking at it. Bring it back to your nose, staring at it fixedly.

Repeat the exercise about twenty times, slowly.

  1. Between lines: (Preventing presbyopia)

Take a book. Open a page and then follow with your eyes the white lines between lines of text. Do the exercise over 1 or 2 pages, 5 minutes. You will see that after a few workouts, reading will be more flexible and much more pleasant.

Progress will be quickly visible! You'll enjoy reading again, not between the lines, but the text for real.


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