If your maintenance has not always been flawless, you may have to change some parts on your Easybreath mask. Here you'll find some tips from Subea on how to replace your mask's snorkel, valves, cover and straps.

To extend the life of your EasyBreath mask, store it in a dry placesheltered from light. Good storage and regular maintenance of your equipment will mean fewer parts to be replaced. After snorkeling, be sure to always look out for sand and rinse with clear water.

1. How to Replace the Snorkel on the Easybreath Mask?

Replacing your Easybreath mask's snorkel will only take a few minutes and you won't even need tools. You can order a new snorkel from the Decathlon store.

When clipping on your snorkel, make sure that there'is no sand where your mask connects with the snorkel. This connection is finally machined to ensure a perfect seal. If you have connection problems, don't force it as there is bound to be sand there. Take the time to thoroughly rinse your mask and snorkel before trying again.

2. How to Change the Valves and Hood on the Easybreath ?

Your Easybreath mask valves must be in good condition for easy breathing and comfortable snorkeling! The same goes for the hood located on the bottom of the mask. It must not be damaged so as to ensure that your mask seals properly. This procedure involves replacing the old valves with new ones, same thing for the hood. To do so, you'll need a pair of scissors, new valves and a new hood. It will only take a few minutes.

To remove the hood, pull it out gently to avoid breaking the small hooks on each side.

When you change the valve under the hood, be sure to cut the new valve stem in half so that it doesn't stick out.

3. How to Replace the Straps on the Easybreath?

The Easybreath mask straps can easily wear out if they aren't looked after properly. Indeed, the sun, or even salt, can damage them. It's important to rinse your Easybreath after each use to reduce wear on the straps. What's more, the Easybreath straps have been designed to ensure the best possible seal, so don't scrimp on their maintenance!

If you want to change them, just get a pair of scissors, and this task will only take a few minutes. You'll be able to get new straps on the Decathlon store, available in several colours.

Be sure to cut the old strap for easier removal.


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