Good maintenance of your Easybreath mask is essential to ensure that your gear lasts a long time. Make sure that you do it properly after each use.

Quentin, head of the engineering team, explains how to maintain your Easybreath mask.

A Few Maintenance Tips :

  • Rinse with clean water if grains of sand have entered in the snorkel, so that it will snap together properly.
  • Make sure the joint is well positioned before and after assembly to ensure a good seal.
  • If the snorkel float is blocked, rinse thoroughly and vigorously to release it.
  • Remove the snorkel after each use and place it in the mask.
  • Put the mask and snorkel in the mesh bag for protection from the sun, avoiding all contact with sand as it dries out.

    NEED MAINTENANCE HELP? OUR DECATHLON WORKSHOPS ARE THERE FOR YOU.You can ask the technicians in our Decathlon workshops for helpwith maintening your Easybreath mask.


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