Are you up for a game of carrom? Are you new to this? You want to play carrom with your friends, but you don't know the rules of the board game. Do not fret! Learn all about the carrom board rules and how many players there are by reading this.


A common indoor tabletop game is carrom. Carrom is a popular group game in India that is regularly played with family or friends during social gatherings. Carrom is typically played in pairs or groups of four.

It is said to have been created by Indian Maharajas and to have its roots in India. With time, the popularity of the board game carrom has grown, and numerous clubs now conduct tournaments and competitions.

By following along, you may learn how to play carrom and what the rules are.

What Is The History & Origin Of Carrom Board Game?

Carrom's precise origins are uncertain, as are those of many other contemporary games, although it is largely accepted that the game began in the Indian subcontinent sometime in the 18th century. While many claim that the Maharaja created it, it is more likely that he adapted one of the comparable street games from this period. The carrom board with a lovely glass top that was kept in the palaces of Patiala during this time provides proof that the game was being played there.

Some people think that the great family game of carom was created by the Maharaja to exert influence over the British territories. Carom is related to billiards and shuffleboard. There is no concrete proof that the sport is largely descended from popular British sports of the day, although it is probable.

Number Of Players In Carrom Board Game

The board game Carrom is often played by one or two players. The singles game has two participants. The two players are seated across from one another. Four players split into two teams to play doubles. The teammates from the same squad are seated across from one another. You can also compete against three other players in social casual gaming.

Equipment Of Carrom Board Game

You must comprehend the many components of the board and the carrom pieces before you begin the game. We will explain them one by one.

Carrom Board

On a polished, square wooden board, carrom is played (usually plywood). Typically, the playing space is 74 cm by 74 cm, or 29 inches square. The playing surface is carefully polished with a durable finish for a friction-free game. Because the rebound effect is better, boards with thicker and heavier border frames cost more.

A single strike can bounce back and forth between two opposing sides of a well-polished surface and good quality wood 6-7 times before coming to rest.

Talcum powder or French chalk is used to polish the surface. Never polish with oil. If you tend to perspire while playing, powder your fingertips before beginning. In each corner, there is a netted pocket.

Carrom Coins

The following pieces are used in the board game carrom:

  • Nine black pieces and nine white pieces. A player is given each colour. These hardwood discs are smooth. They are referred to as coins or carrom guys.
  • The queen is the red piece. It is a crucial coin in the game of carrom.
  • There is a harder plastic striker that is heavier.

Carrom Points

  • Black carrom coins - 10 points each
  • White carrom coins - 12 points each
  • Queen or red carrom coin - 50 points

Carrom Board Design

The board is circular, with baselines on all four sides and red circles (base circles) at the ends of each baseline. Four diagonal arrows are pointing in the direction of the pockets at the board's four corners. The striker strikes the coins as they are put inside the circle in the centre.

The Objective Of The Carrom Board Game

The players use the striker to whack these pieces into the pockets on the board throughout each round. The goal of the carrom game is to pocket all of your carrom men before your opponent by using the striker to sink them into any of the pockets. As long as you are pocketing your carrom dudes, it is still your turn.

How To Shoot The Striker In Carrom?

As you are aware, the coins are struck with a striker. The striker, however, is not playable anywhere on the board. In the carrom game, positioning the striker or your arm incorrectly will be seen as a foul, and you will be penalised.

Striker Placement:

  • Only the baselines nearest to you may be used for the striker. Any striker cannot be positioned on the left or right baseline.
  • The striker must touch both baselines when it is set up on the board to shoot.
  • The striker should either completely round the end circle or stay off of it entirely.
  • The diagonal arrow line cannot be touched by the striker.

Hand Placement:

  • As you are aware, the carrom board has a diagonal arrow. Imagine it now extending beyond the board.
  • This fictitious line cannot be crossed by your arm.
  • Make sure your elbow is included within the arbitrary line.
  • You are unable to stand up while striking. Knees and feet must also remain in your sector exclusively.

These limitations make your shooting technique the most crucial factor in the carrom game. The way you flick or shoot the striker will determine how well you play carrom. With the next 2 shots, you can begin the fun game of carrom.

1) Simple Shot -

The most frequent shot in the game is this one. In front of the baseline is where the coin is. The striker is positioned on the baseline so that it, the coin, and the pocket form a single straight line. When you strike the coin squarely, it falls into your pocket. If you hit the striker with this shot too hard, the coin and striker may both fall into the pocket, which is a foul.

2) Side Shot -

One of the most well-liked carrom trick shots is this one. To be on the safe side, one plays the side shot. The striker is struck in this shot in a way that moves the coin in the other direction. For instance, if you flick the striker to the right in a side shot, the coin will be struck and go to the left. You can also play the side shot so that the coin lands in the pocket immediately. Even if your coin doesn't land in the pocket, it could block it so that your opponent can't place any coins into it.

11 Rules Of Playing The Carrom Game

1. Putting the pieces together -

The black and white pieces (carrom men) are arranged in circles around the crimson queen in the centre. The whites are set up in a "Y" shape, with both sides aiming for the corner pockets. In an online game, the computer will organise the carrom players.

2. The players' positions -

Each player occupies a position on one side of the board, and they are only permitted to make moves from that side. The white player takes the first turn, or "break," in a game. A coin flip will decide the colour of your piece.

3. Breaking -

In the game of carrom, the initial shot is breaking. The first player always plays white. The player who is playing first breaks the circle in the middle by firing the opening shot with the striker. A player will take turns until he is unable to do so if he successfully pockets a piece on the first shot. It is a requirement in carrom that the player always returns the striker to the rectangle before attempting another shot.

4. Turns -

With your opponent, trade shots at the striker. If a piece is pocketed, the game continues, and your striker is shot once more. You can keep firing till you don't get a piece with your striker. In a doubles game, the turns are made from right to left, counterclockwise.

5. Covering the Queen -

The Queen is safeguarded. You can pocket and cover the Queen if you've already taken at least one piece of your colour. If you place the Queen in your pocket before placing your colour, your round is now complete. You must sink one of your coins to keep the queen. It's known as "covering the Queen" when you do this. The opponent restores the Queen to the centre if you do not pocket your colour piece by the end of the turn.

6. How to shoot the striker -

This is an important carrom rule since how well you shoot the striker will affect how the game turns out. Your shooting style affects how quickly you get points and pieces. Poor shooting can lead to fouls. Remember that the striker must hit both "baselines," either completely covering the end circle or without touching it at all, while remaining on the board to shoot. The diagonal arrow line is out of reach for the striker.

7. Double due in carrom -

There are numerous ways to say that the final card in a game of carrom is a double ace. If you just pocket the striker, your turn is lost. One of your coins will be captured by your adversary to keep it in the carrom. If this happens as a result of an inaccurate stroke, you will forfeit your turn. Your two coins will be taken and kept by the adversary.

8. Playing a round -

When one player has collected all of their carrom men, the round is over. The round is won and points are awarded to the first player to pocket all of their pieces. A round cannot end until the queen is pocketed and covered by a player. There is no predetermined number of rounds in a game of carrom. Up until a player scores 29 points, rounds continue.

9. Carrom fouls -

If you play carrom without paying attention to the rules, you could make mistakes that cost you points. When you foul, your turn ends immediately, and you receive a penalty. The opponent incurs a penalty by returning one of your pocketed pieces to the board and placing it anywhere inside the main circle. The carrom men will always be placed by your opponent in a way that provides him with an advantage.

10. Scores at the end of each round -

To calculate your score, count how many of your opponent's pieces are still in place after each round. For instance, the board still holds four pieces for your opponent. You would receive a four. If your score is under 24, you will gain an additional 5 points if you have pocketed and covered the queen during the game. Add the points up as you win more and more rounds.

11. Scores at the end of the game -

There is no predetermined number of rounds in the board game carrom. The results from each round are combined. When a player earns 29 points or more, the game is over, and the player with the highest score is crowned the winner.

Fouls Of Carrom Board Game

If you aren't paying attention when you play carrom, you could make mistakes that cost you points. Learn the fouls in the carrom board regulations to prevent this. You take your turn immediately following a foul, and you have assessed a penalty. As a consequence, the opponent may place one of your pocketed coins anywhere inside the primary circle on the board. Your opponent will always place the carrom men in a way that gives them an edge.

Scoring In The Carrom Board Game

Learn all about the carrom rules in this section, including how to score and win the board game.

At Each Board

  • In a carrom game, a round is referred to as a board.
  • The player who places all of their coins first once the queen is covered wins the round.
  • If the queen is covered by the winner, the winner receives three points and one point for each of the opponent's remaining coins. No further points are awarded to the queen after your score hits 22.

At The End Of The Game

  • The Carrom board game has an infinite number of rounds.
  • Each round's scores are combined.
  • The highest scorer is declared the winner when someone reaches 29 points or more.


The fundamental Carrom rules for novices are now complete. Play the fun game of carrom with your friends and family today as you put your talents to the test!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is foul in carrom?

The following situations include a foul:

  • Pocketing the Striker.
  • If you take one of your opponent's pieces.
  • If a piece is removed from the board.
  • If your final piece was taken before the Queen was covered.
  • Before attempting a shot, you positioned the striker wrongly.
  • If your arm crosses the board's diagonal line.
  • If after three attempts you are unable to break properly.

2. Which shots are not allowed in carrom?

In a social game of carrom, players often move around to choose where to start. As a result, you can only shoot forward in this type of game, and thumbshots are prohibited.

3. Is thumb allowed in carrom?

No, a thumbshot is not allowed in carrom.

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