Indoor games are timeless leisure activities that people of any age enjoy. Carrom has been an indoor activity loved by individuals of different age groups.

A handful of gaming activities can accompany us throughout our lives and enhance our concentration and analytical thinking. Carrom is one such activity. This is a tactical indoor game that necessitates analytical abilities. 

Selecting the perfect carrom board brand products isn't difficult. In this article, you will learn about the four best carrom boards, which are perfect for beginners and professionals! You can make a learned decision about which carrom board to take back home with you!

4 Best Carrom Boards to Buy Online in India 

It might feel overwhelming when you go to purchase a carrom board. Which ply to consider? How thick the border should be? Is it for professional or recreational use? How costly should it be? Is this the best brand? Don’t worry. We have got you back! Every carrom board has its purpose. This article will help you take an informed decision. You will learn about the best quality carrom board from the table below. 

Rank Product Price Best for
1 Carrom Board 900 Rs. 9,999 Carrom board for club level carrom players
2 Carrom Board 520 Rs. 3,499 Ecodesign carrom board
3 Carrom Board 720 Rs. 6,499 Waterproof carrom board
4 Carrom Board 120 Rs. 2,499 Carrom board for recreational players

  1. Carrom board 900 

This carrom board is one of the best carrom boards in the market. It is recommended for club level players due to its smooth texture, enhanced playing environment, and ultra durability. Apart from that, you get excellent re-bouncing quality with this carrom board. The back of the carrom board is quite sturdy, flat, and prevents warping. 

  • Frame Size: 3" X 2" 
  • Board Size: 29" X 29" 
  • Ply Thickness: 16 mm
  • Robustness: 14 braces 
  • Price: Rs. 9,999

  1. Carrom board 520

This design of this carrom board is toxic-free. It is safe for the environment making it the best carrom board. It has a basic size of 29”x29’. You can use this carrom board if you are a recreational player. You can purchase this carrom board to play with your friends and family. Many buy this carrom board with potato starch powder due to its durability, smooth texture, and nominal price. 

  • Frame Size: 2" X 1.5"
  • Board Size: 29" X 29" 
  • Ply Thickness: 5.5 mm.
  • Robustness: 14 braces
  • Price: Rs. 3,499

  1. Carrom board 720  

Have you ever dropped water, tea, juice or any beverage on your carrom board and ruined the whole game by mistake? Well, with this carrom board you are safe as there is a water repellant coating. Recommended for recreational and club level players, 14 braces are supporting the ply surface which makes this sturdy. You can rest assured that this is the best carrom board in the market which is cost-efficient and durable as well. 

  • Frame Size: 3" X 2" 
  • Board Size: 29" X 29" 
  • Ply Thickness: 12 mm
  • Robustness: 14 braces 
  • Price: Rs. 6,499

  1. Carrom board 120 

If you want the best carrom board for your fun time, this is the perfect one for you. It looks quite modern with a 1.5-inch border thickness. Not just that, it is cost-efficient as well. You can have fun without losing too much money on buying the carrom board.  

  • Frame Size: 1.5" X 1.5"
  • Board Size: 29" X 29"
  • Ply Thickness:4 mm.
  • Robustness: 12 braces 
  • Price: Rs. 2,499

Buying Guide: How to select a good carrom board?

When purchasing the best carrom board in India online, it is critical to understand what distinguishes a carrom board. The best quality carrom board should have four key aspects. When all of these factors come together, folks get the finest carrom board which can be used for competitions, leisure games, and other school environments. We have to recognize these critical components to find the best quality carrom board. 

The carrom ply: 

The surface of the best quality carrom board is a simple wooden ply that has no grooves. There are two kinds of carrom board ply: Indian and English ply. It has been noticed that there have also been numerous attempts to substitute the olden wood with glass and marble. However, the board made out of wood is used professionally in all competitions. Given below is the comparison between Indian ply and English ply.

Indian Ply English Ply
Comparatively less smooth Comparatively smoother
Low life cycle Higher life cycle
Monsoon affects the quality of the material Suitable for all weather
Cheap Expensive

Carrom size: 

Carrom is only available in two versions. Carrom board for children is generally 24 X 24 inches: whereas for adults is 30 X 30 inches. Technically, there should be little or no variation in this size because it is the carrom board association's regular size.

Carrom frame: 

The width and colour of the board can differ. However, it makes little difference in the game but is essential when purchasing. The thickness of the carrom board ranges from 4mm to 36mm-40mm.

Carrom coins and striker:

The carrom coins and striker play a vital role. The mass and width of the coins differ according to their intended use. When they are in the same box, they would be the same mass and width. To prevent compatibility problems with the board, individuals usually buy a carrom stand purchased from the same company.


To conclude, this is all you need to know about the best carrom board in India. Keep in mind the factors before you buy the carrom board as it will only enhance your playing experience. You would not want your leisure activity to become a dull one just because you did not choose the right carrom board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which carrom board is best?

Carrom Board 900 is the best carrom board that you can buy. This carrom board has a thick corner. It is mainly for club-level players and it is made of 16mm ply. 

Which carrom board is best for beginners?

For beginners, you can opt for Carrom Board 120. It uses formaldehyde free wood with non-toxic paint on the surface. This board is used for recreational players. 

What is the price of the carrom board?

The prices of carrom board differ based on the type of board you will choose. Given below is the table where the prices of the carrom board are stated. 

Product Price
Carrom Board 900 Rs. 9,999
Carrom Board 520 Rs. 3,499
Carrom Board 720 Rs. 6,499
Carrom Board 120 Rs. 2,499


What is the tournament size carrom board?

74 x 74 cm board with a 5-10 cm border (or 29 x 29 inches with 2-4 inches border) is the tournament size carrom board. Although you can get a variety of sizes in the market.  

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