The Right Method: Exercising with Power

If your muscle growth has stagnated and you have stopped making progress for a while, change your training methods, right now!

Power exercises can help you overcome an obstacle and start making progress again. It will give you renewed strength, so that you can build muscle mass when you get back into your mass/volume exercises.

This power workout method is not intended for beginners. It is more specifically aimed at intermediate users, who already have a good understanding of basic weight training and know the exercises perfectly.

Following a power workout programme will help you increase your maximum strength (RM) and lift heavier weights during your next weight training session!

exercising with power

5 Tips for Lifting Heavier Weights

Romain Maier, a Domyos weight training coach, gives you 5 tips for getting stronger:

  • Exercise at more than 80% of your repetition maximum* (RM) on the basic movements.
  • The right method to use: do 5 sets of 5 repetitions for one movement.
  • The recovery time must be longer between each series: 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Never exceed 30 to 60 repetition maximums per session (2 movements at 5 x 5) on a muscle group
  • You do not need to exercise on a machine or perform isolation movements. Power is developed with a global workout. Within this context, use the following basic movements: bench presses, pull-ups, squats, deadlifts.

These 4 types of exercises are sufficient to exercise all the muscle groups.

* The repetition maximum or RM is the heaviest weight you can lift for a given exercise in a single repetition. In other words, you cannot reproduce the same effort a second time. This is used as a benchmark. It is measured by carrying out a test in the gym with a spotter. At least six months of weight training is required beforehand. Indeed, you must be proficient in the basic weight training exercises


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