How To Increase Breast Size With Exercise?


Strength training routines have advantages beyond simply developing muscle. You can accomplish several goals by including this type of exercise in your routine. It can aid in calorie burning, muscle growth, bone strength, and, most importantly for women, enlarging the breasts. Every woman wants her breasts to be bigger and firmer. This enhances one's appearance and improves body composition. Through this article, our experts will guide you through how to increase breast size with exercise?

How is breast size determined?

Your family history

Your breast size is influenced by your genes in a similar way that your hair and skin colors, height, and a host of other traits. It doesn't necessarily follow that you will be a C-cup if other members of your immediate family are, but it makes it more likely than for someone from an A-cup family.

Your weight

Your breasts are a complicated aspect of your anatomy, consisting of fatty tissue, milk glands and ducts, and supporting or connective tissue. You alone know how much of each tissue type you have. Some individuals have more fat than supporting tissue and vice versa. You might notice a difference in your boob size when you gain or lose weight if your breasts have a higher percentage of fatty tissue.

Your workout routine

There might be a correlation if you recently started doing weights and noticed your boobs look a little perkier. Your pectorals, which are four significant muscles that sit below your breast tissue and enable deep breathing and arm mobility, can be strengthened by performing pectoral workouts like the chest push. Your boobs may protrude a little more than usual if your pecs muscles expand.

Your period

Ever wonder why your breasts enlarge around the time of your period? Your breast size, texture, and shape can alter rather noticeably during your menstrual cycle. Your body generates estrogen, a hormone that stimulates ovulation and the milk ducts in your breasts, during the first part of your cycle. However, progesterone increases the bust size in the second half of the cycle (as you approach your period), which might cause your breasts to swell.

Your birth control 

More than just preventing unexpected pregnancies and regulating your menstruation, birth control has other benefits. This is because, according to her, water retention may be brought on by the estrogen and progesterone in hormonal birth control, though it's not likely to last.

Your age

Your boobs may differ from how they do currently in the future since your bodies develop over time. Hormonal changes that occur as you get closer to menopause may affect the size and form of your breasts. The connective tissue in the breasts loses moisture and suppleness as estrogen levels fall. The breast tissue also contracts and loses some of its forms.

Effectiveness of Breast Exercises

  • Compared to expensive surgery and invasive breast augmentation techniques with significant health hazards, exercise is both safe and economical. Exercise helps the surrounding muscles become stronger, particularly in breast cancer survivors, according to a study. It would improve your posture, make your chest look bigger, and give the appearance of perkier breasts.
  • The muscles under your breasts, known as the pectorals, can be toned and strengthened to give you a temporary appearance of being slightly raised. Therefore, no amount of exercise will result in your desired permanent breast size or form.
  • Breast implant surgery is the only way to increase bust size with certainty. However, in some cases, adding food to exercise might be beneficial.
  • For instance, in underweight women, strength training activities and eating nutrient- and calorie-rich foods can help fill in loose skin and enlarge the breasts. Your breast size and look can be improved if you are overweight by achieving and maintaining a healthy weight through food and exercise.

How to Increase Breast Size With Exercise - 6 Best Exercises

Bench Press

It is an effective exercise for building pectoral muscle strength and drawing them forward to enlarge the chest. The chest muscles will be pulled and strengthened through bench pressing. However, it has no impact on the size of your cup.

  • Your front should be up while you lay on the bench.
  • Ensure that your hips, spine, and neck are in line with the bench.
  • Stretch your arms out in front of you and drop them to your chin level while keeping them away from your body to hoist the weight.
  • Holding the weight in front of you, elevate it off your body by spreading your arms as far as they will go.
  • Lift the weight first, then lower it to chin height.
  • For a total of two or three rounds of 5 to 10 each, repeat this exercise.

Tug & Pull

The tug-and-pull workout will strengthen and extend your chest muscles. Additionally, it helps lift and firm the breasts. As a result, both the curvature and the breast size will increase.

  • Put one leg in front of the other on a flat surface, keeping your back straight and your chin fixed.
  • Use your arm to create a tug or pull right now.
  • With one leg in front of the other, place the opposing hand on a sturdy support with the palm facing backwards.
  • Your chest muscles will start to expand as you now apply a little pressure to the hand.
  • Put the second leg in front and repeat the movement.


One of the most flexible chest exercises is the push-up. Push-ups are quite beneficial for boosting breast size and form, maybe to the surprise of many women. Additionally, by concentrating on your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core, they strengthen your entire body.

  • As you lay flat on your stomach, your palms should be close to your shoulder.
  • Verify that your feet are on the ground.
  • Slowly raise yourself while maintaining straight knees.
  • The count should be increased to 8–12 times for the greatest results.

The Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana

One of the most important poses for lifting your chest is the cobra pose, often referred to as Bhujangasana. The position enhances blood circulation in addition to strengthening the breast muscles and promoting their long-term growth.

  • Lay on your back with your arms at your sides.
  • By elevating your arms and lifting your upper body with your palms, you will expand your chest and lift your head.
  • Gradually make your way back to where you were.
  • Make six repetitions a day.

Butterfly Press

The pectoral muscles are predominantly pushed and concentrated during a butterfly press workout. It is straightforward to do in the gym if you have the right tools. If you don't go to the gym often, you can still complete this exercise with just a set of dumbbells.

  • Sit on a chair and keep your back straight.
  • Start by tugging on the dumbbells with your arms and elbows.
  • Take a deep breath and now spread your hands as wide as they permit.
  • Exhale while pulling your shoulders in.
  • To start seeing results, complete this exercise 15 times each day.

Arm Circles 

Your arms work in unison to lift your breasts by pulling your pectoral muscles upward. The arms, upper body, and chest will all benefit.

  • Take your arms out wide.
  • Make quick, anticlockwise movements with your arms.
  • Spend a moment doing it.
  • Continue going the other way around the clock.
  • A total of two to three sets are possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we increase breast size naturally?

You won't likely be able to organically change the contour of your breasts. Having a surgical procedure, such as breast augmentation, is frequently necessary to alter the size and form of your breasts. (aka implants). This is because a combination of factors including genetics, hormones, body weight, way of living, and possible stages of life, such as pregnancy.

Will weight gain affect breast size?

The size and form of a woman's breasts can vary significantly depending on her weight. The quantity of fatty tissue in the breasts varies depending on weight. Gaining weight causes the fatty tissue in the breast to grow, resulting in enlarged breasts.

Can you massage your breasts with any oil?

Almond oil, olive oil, fenugreek seed oil, and lavender oil are the ideal oils to use while massaging the breasts even though most oils can improve the overall health and beauty of your breasts and provide deep nourishment to breast tissues.


We hope now our readers are aware on how to increase breast size with exercise? You can also attempt a few additional natural treatments to enlarge your breasts in addition to those mentioned above. Your breasts can appear fuller if you consume lean protein, almonds, veggies, ginger tea, flax seeds, and egg white. Always remember that based on your monthly menstrual cycle, your breast size may alter. Additionally, keep an eye on the health of your breasts by routinely checking for any changes, rubbing with a quality moisturizer, and using the appropriate size bra. 

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