Kalenji offers a wide range of athletics shoes with excellent cushioning and support for training, competitions and school. How to make the right choice

There are two criteria for choosing the right shoes for your child:their level of practice and their capacity to tie their laces by themselves.

1. Level of Practice

KALENJI proposes four different shoes suited to different levels of practice.

To start running at school or in a club, shoes with EVA foam are ideal for good shock absorption, and they are comfortable.

For track training, competitions or cross-country running, choose shoes specifically designed for athletics which have spikes fixed in the sole for extra grip.They are ideal for your child for the track and cross-country.

For more intensive training, choose shoes with more cushioning and good foot support.

2. Show-Fastening Systems

Kalenji proposes a range of shoes suited to your child's level of autonomy for fastening their shoes.

Your child can't tie their own running shoe laces:several of our models have rip-tabs which are easier to put on.

Your child can tie their own laces: Kalenji proposes a range of shoes with laces.

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