1. Usage of Running Shoes

It is always recommended to use two pairs of running shoes if you are a regular runner. When the midsole of the shoes gets compressed, it generally takes a few hours to bounce back into shape

2. Cleaning Your Running Shoes

Leaving your shoes in a muddy and clammy state reduces the quality of the rubber used in the sole. Remove the mud with a brush and water and let it dry naturally.

3. Washing Your Running Shoes

Always wash your running shoes with your hand/brush with a mild soap and warm water. Never put your running shoes in a washing machine. It drastically reduces the holding capacity of glue causing the shoes to tear apart and break down the mesh and stitches.

4. Drying Your Running Shoes

Remove your sole and dry it separately. Place paper towels inside the shoes to absorb the moisture and dry quickly. Avoid keeping it in the sun or close to any heat source.

5. Storage of Your Running Shoes

Always store your running shoes in a dry place at room temperature. Do not pack it in a box or plastic bag as it will prevent air circulation resulting in bad odour.

6. Specific to Running

Your running shoes should only be used for running and not for any other sports such as football. It will lose its shape and will no longer be comfortable while running.

7. Replace Your Running Shoes

It is recommended to replace your running shoes after every 400 to 500 Kilometres (9-12 months) of usage as its outer sole gets worn out and its midsole gets compressed resulting in a loss of the cushioning which is required.

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