You should choose your free-standing basket or wall-mounted board based on several criteria: your age, Where you are going to play, whether you want to be able to assemble, adjust and move it easily and your standard of play. 

1. Free-Standing Basket or Wall-Mounted Board?

Basketball basket and backboard

Whether fixed (weighed down by sand or water) or mobile (with wheels), our basketball baskets can be adjusted from 0.90 m to the official height of 3.05 m. They are easy to assemble and dismount with or without tools.

Basketball backboard

Our basketball backboards can be hooked or fixed onto walls. There is a wall fixing available on our website and in our stores that lets you adjust your backboard to several different heights so that the whole family can play. Discover "THE HOOP," an innovative backboard exclusive to Tarmak and DECATHLON! You can set it up on any tree or post. It is lightweight and has a handle to make it easy to carry. It is ideal for taking on holiday or to the park.

2. The Player's Age Determines The Height of the Basket and/or Backboard

Kids basketball basket and backboard

If you are looking for a basket for a child aged

Free standing basketball stand

Over the age of 10, girls and boys often play with baskets that are up to 3.05 m high (official height). It is exactly the same for adults. Whether you are a beginner or are ready to join the big league, we've got a basketball basket that is right for your level! (Some can be adjusted to 4 heights). Ideal for the whole family or for playing with friends!

Basketball basket

When it comes to wall-mounted backboards, you can get special boards designed for kids aged 3 to 10 for both indoor and outdoor use.

Kipsta basketball basket

When it comes to wall-mounted backboards for adults, you can get boards whose height can be adjusted thanks to a special wall fixing! The aim is for all of your friends and family to be able to enjoy basketball!

3. You Can Choose Where to Play

Basketball hoop for adults

Whether for children or adults, you need a durable basketball basket or backboard for playing outside. Our basketball baskets and backboards are designed for playing in the open air and can be left outside in all weather conditions. For wall-mounted backboards, choose a wall fixing that lets you adjust the basket to several different heights so that the whole family can play. For a free-standing basket, if you want to move it regularly, opt for a model with wheels (small or large).

Basketball for kids

Whether it is for kids or adults, for playing in a bedroom or your living room, with family or friends, check out our selection of indoor products that can be easily hooked or fixed in place.

Portable basketball hoop for kids

Discover Tarmak's selection of basketball baskets and backboards for kids and adults playing indoors or outdoors.

4. Free-Standing Baskets Are Easy to Move

Free standing basketball basket

Discover one of Tarmak's iconic products. The B900 is really easy to move at home, even over uneven ground, thanks to its large wheels.

Kipsta basketball hoop with basket

Tarmak has developed a range of baskets that can be fixed, weighted or stuck to the ground using sand and water.

Tarmak basketball hoop

Discover our selection of free-standing baskets that can easily be moved around at home thanks to their small wheels.

5. Type of Assembly

Discover a range of baskets/backboards that can be assembled and dismantled without the use of tools. 

We offer a selection of basketball baskets/backboards that can be assembled and dismantled by one or two people using tools (not provided).

Discover our selection of baskets/backboards that can be assembled and dismantled easily by one or two people using the tools provided.

6. Type of Adjustment

You can adjust the height of some baskets and backboards without any specific tools.

You can adjust the height of some baskets and backboards with tools (not provided).

7. Standard of Play

You play on average, for fun

You play for fun, at a club, or in competitions.

You play at least for fun and/or in competitions.

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