How to Choose Your City Bike or Hybrid Bike Tyre? 

Bike tyres are essential for guaranteeing comfort and safety. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one.

You should choose your bike tyre taking two criteria into account: your usage (the environment in which you'll be riding) and the tyre's diameter.

1. Usage

Your choice of tyre should be taken seriously You will need to choose tyres that are suited to your needs based on whether you tend to ride around town, on trails, with a classic city bike, or with an electric bike.

IF YOU OFTEN RIDE ON PATHS OR TRAILS You will need to choose a tyre with more pronounced lugs for better grip on roads or paths.

IF YOU RIDE IN THE CITY Choose a tyre with few lugs. Contrary to popular belief, the smoother the tyre's surface, the more surface area is in contact with the ground and therefore the better the grip on the road. These tyres must be properly inflated (in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions concerning the inner tube). The more inflated a tyre is, the less friction there is between the tyre and the ground. You can thus ride much more easily, put in less effort and also go faster, with smooth, well-inflated tyres.

IF YOU RIDE AN ELECTRIC BIKEConsider going for special tyres that are more sturdy in order to stand up to the increased weight and speed of this kind of bike.

2. The Tyre's Diameter

Be sure to choose the right diameter (650, 26” or 28) and width (28 to 42 mm). You'll find these numbers on the side of your old tyres.


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