It is that time of year again: the time to look for the best winter jackets for men in chilly weather. For a man, finding the ideal and greatest winter jacket for men is a difficult task, as there are numerous options on the market, some of which are more cosmetic than useful, and others that combine both functionalities as well as visual appeal. The selection chosen below is for you whether you are seeking a smart, heavy-duty, fashion-forward, and minimalist jacket to keep you warm in the coming winter weather. 

We've put together a collection of the warmest winter jackets for the extreme cold on the market, and we're convinced you'll discover one that's just right for you. We found which types would keep you the warmest, driest, or even which coats will look the finest in town using our specially picked performance indicators.

As winter approaches, you’ll notice the temperature drop and will decide to swap your bathing shorts for snow jackets. Cold exposure can result in frostbite or hypothermia, both of which can be fatal. Infants and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. Citrus fruit plantations or other vegetation can be severely damaged by freezing temperatures. Pipes in poorly insulated or unheated homes might freeze and burst. 

As a result, they limit the loss of heat in the body by keeping the air surrounding the body warm. We don't feel cold as a result of this. Cold weather raises your chances of having a heart attack. While you're out in the cold, your heart works harder to warm you up, which causes a rise in heart rate and blood pressure, which can harm your health so, it is important to choose the best winter jacket brands to stay protected.

Table of Contents

  1. The importance of wearing a jacket during winter
  2. Types Of Winter Jackets
  3. How To Find The Best Winter Jackets For Men - Buyer’s Guide
  4. List Of Decathlon Products
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. The Bottom Line

The Importance Of Wearing A Jacket During Winter

Jackets are an excellent choice for frigid weather. The following are some of the advantages of purchasing and wearing winter jackets:
1. Aid in preventing illness

It is usual to catch a cold or develop a fever mostly during the winter months. As a result, wearing protective clothing, such as a jacket, is critical. The jacket will undoubtedly protect you from becoming ill. Men, women, and children, in particular, can benefit from wearing it in the cold.

2. The most beneficial investment

The wisest investment for the chilly months is to purchase a winter jacket. It is available in a variety of textiles; therefore, choose one that is good for long-term use. The jacket you buy must be warm and comfy enough for your body. It must also be extremely strong and long-lasting.

3. Assist in the appearance of the wearer-

People will look smart and trendy if they wear a winter jacket. There are many different types of winter jackets to choose from. If you'd like a jacket for an outside activity, for example, a sports jacket is the best option. 

Types Of Winter Jackets

Here are some types of jackets that are considered the best winter jackets for men:
1. The Topcoat 

The topcoat is a winter classic. This is a traditional and omnipresent member of the outerwear family. A topcoat, with its suave and elegant charm, is luxurious, warm, and all your A/W wardrobe requires since it was named the best men’s winter coat in 2020. A topcoat is a lighter variant of an overcoat, which is thicker and longer. It's normally knee-length or just above. Wool or wool blends are typically utilized for this type of winter jacket, providing it with a snug, warm, and weather-proof feel making them the best men’s winter coat of 2020. 

2. Single-breasted with a blazer or shawl collar

A peacoat radiates sophistication and sharpness. If you want to seem sleek and elegant without putting too much work into your styling, these are the way to go. It is a double-breasted, mid-thigh-length coat with slight or extensive shoulder padding based on the style. Peacoats are typically made of heavier wool materials with luxury satin finish linings. It is a thicker winter coat.

3. The 3-in-1 Jacket 

This is a special jacket by Decathlon which is designed for 3 unique purposes: traveling, waterproofing, and modularity. It is a warm, waterproof, durable, and multi-pocket jacket that adapts easily to different climates and in temperatures down to -10°C because of its removable and compressible padding. Its 5000 mm rated membrane and taped seams protect you from 3 hours of rain pour and its woven fabric guarantees durability. Finally, its zipped underarm openings provide adequate ventilation, and the stretch inserts on the padded jacket offer superior comfort.

4. The Bomber Jacket 

Bomber jackets are popularly worn in a cropped length but are typically worn at waist length. The textiles of choice for this jacket are nylon, polyester, and wool mixes, which protect the wearer from the cold and rain. 

How To Find The Best Winter Jackets For Men - Buyer’s Guide

These would help you find the best winter jackets for men. 
1. Select your perfect fit

Keep an eye out for shoulder seams that are lined with your shoulders; otherwise, it's a no-no but if you're after the ones with a design like that. Stretch your arms overhead to check the coat's length. Examine if the jacket rises past your waist or if there are any tight or restricting areas. Maintain proper posture and stretch your arms out to determine the length of the sleeves. They should come to a complete stop immediately below the wrist bone. You'll realize you have to put it back if they stop above your wrist. 

2. Inspect the insulation

What is the definition of insulation? It's the material that protects you from the biting cold. For a winter coat, there are 3 kinds of insulation:

  • Down - these are the classics that keep you toasty warm. They are compact and lightweight. One disadvantage is that it is not resistant to dampness.
  • If people reside in a damp and cold area, they'll want to use synthetic fibres because they can withstand moisture well. Yet, they have the disadvantage of being short-lived.
  • Pile fabric is a water-resistant insulator, ideal for those who do not want a bulky winter blanket.

Insulators choose what you're protected from, yet your needs determine which is the best option for you.

3. Check for pockets

Whatever happens, don't underestimate the value of pockets and what they can do for you. Whether you'd like to preserve your valuables safely, such as phones and wallets, or just keep your hand against turning into ice due to the freezing temperatures. 

4. Check for cuffs and zippers

Jackets are often waterproof, however, the zippers and cuffs aren't, that's why it's critical to inspect them. Choose the appropriate cuffs to protect your hands from the elements, and search for a waterproof zipper for added warmth.

List Of Decathlon Jackets

1. Men's Mountaineering Down Jacket

A reflective lining stores body heat for this classic down puffer. Hand and chest pockets with zippers are intended to keep your digits warm as well. It comes in a variety of colours, so there is something to suit any man's taste.

2. Men's 3-in-1 Travel Trekking Jacket

A blue waxed quilted jacket is ideal for taking part in your favourite cold-weather activities. Constructed with a detachable fleece, this waterproof jacket has multiple zipped pockets for travelling with peace of mind in varied weather conditions down to 0°C. The fitted look is sophisticated enough everywhere you go!

3. Men’s Waterproof Winter Hiking Jacket

What is more comfortable than a hoodie jacket? The version that has been winterized. This Decathlon winter hiking jacket is comfortable down to -10°C. Also, it's water-resistant and windproof. It comes with an adjustable hood, warm pockets, and a wide flap behind the zip for an extra 3°C warmth

4. Men's Synthetic Mountain Trekking Padded Jacket - TREK 50 0°C - Black

Perfect for temperatures between 10°C and -0°C, this compact size jacket fits anywhere so that you can keep yourself warm whenever you need it. It is indeed certainly worth the low-cost investment at about this price. 

5. Men’s Waterproof Winter Hiking Jacket - SH100 Warm -5°C

A waterproof and warm jacket down to -5°C is manufactured with minimum environmental impact. Its design provides comfort down to -5°C and keeps you dry when hiking thanks to the taped seams. This is among the best winter jackets for men.

6. Men's Mountain Trekking Down Jacket - TREK 500 -10°C Green Jacket

Decathlon has you covered if you do not want to be hauling around a hefty winter coat. They are known for their ultra-light down coats that are ideal for layering. They are also super-compact, making them easy to stow in a bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you tell fake winter jackets?

You can feel the high quality of an original winter jacket if you touch it. It also has a heavier feel. The jacket is still most likely a fake if that appears to be cheap, lightweight, but also has rips and pulls.

2. What are the warmest winter jackets?

Men's Synthetic Mountain Trekking Padded Jacket - TREK 50 0°C - Black is the best winter jacket. It is the best winter jacket for the extreme cold that would protect you throughout and is value for money.

3. What is the optimal price range for winter jackets?

Several individuals stated they spend between Rs 2000- Rs 7,000 on winter coats. Prices vary between men and women, although coats for males appear to be more costly on average.

4. Are winter jackets expensive?

Yes, even some of the most basic clothing must be functional. They must keep you dry, warm, or both at all times. This necessitates the layering of several textiles, as well as zippers, pockets, collars, and trim but these are the reasons they are also considered to be the best winter jackets for extreme cold.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have read this guide to buying the best winter jacket for men, you understand exactly what to look for when purchasing your winter jacket! You have also seen a few of the ideal ones, and here you can finally say, "Bring it on, winter!" Nothing can now prevent you from stepping out in the winter. And that in style, no less. Whatever the weather brings, you will be prepared with your fashionable winter jacket that fits wonderfully! We hope this article has helped you with the best men’s winter coat for extreme cold. 

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