Well- we know how much you love basketball- it’s the swish swish that’s all you think of, 24x7!

Yet with all the positivity’s of dunking that ball, comes the other side of it- the potential of injuries! A contact sport without any injury is hard to imagine but let’s be real- some of these can take a graver turn! We can only strive to avoid all that can be avoidable- hence it is better to familiarize yourself with the risks and injuries. So, read on to find out

The risks involved

From its humble beginnings, where the ball was thrown into a fruit’s basket, to the modern days- we have come a long way!

Today, in jampacked arena where players are treated with the similar welcoming of a Rockstar- things have certainly changed. With that has changed the changes of an injury taking place as the pace of the game has taken a sharper turn. Now, while rules are being constantly under redressal, to keep injuries to a bare minimum- thing’s often don’t go as we plan. A misstep, the ankle twists and lo- we have a problem at hand. Things have gone to such an extent- it is said that close to 1.6 million injuries occur each year in basketball-related activities. The most common injuries involve the joints, particularly ankles and knees, which include:

  • Sprained ankles
  • Jammed or broken fingers
  • Ligament injuries in knees
  • Concussions from a fall

While all this may seem innocuous- how far can broken bones go- it has some serious its consequences. It can cost one’s life- only if taken to that extent. Hence, prevention and prompt action are desired.

An outline of preventing basketball injuries

Now, prevention always comes before cure, so here are a few comprehensive ways to avoid injuries:
  1. Getting a physical- For athletes from any walk of life, getting a physical done is akin to respecting your body and also the game. Assessing the state of your body can help you better your game as well as prevent injuries. So, make sure your health is up to par before the start of the season.
  2. Wearing appropriate attire: While we are going to dedicate a special segment for this- attire is EVERYTHING! A proper fitted Jersey can prevent the hand jerks and proper shoes can prevent slipping and other hazards- a failproof approach towards preventing accidents.
  3. Hydrating yourself: Our mothers are never wrong! Their tryst of making us drink more water to stay hydrated isn’t an old wives’ tale- it has bigger implications! Reports say that even mild levels of dehydration can affect one’s performance. This can lead to tripping, sloppy posture- creating bigger chances for mishaps to happen.
  4. Remembering to warm-up: As kids and teens, we were too gung ho and took things casual. By jumping into practice without warming up would not seem of any great consequence, but then it has greater implications. Warming up gives enough space for the body to respond to nerve signals for quick and efficient actions- a feat that is imperative to basketball. It is important to spend time warming up appropriately and stretch muscles.

Wear the right basketball gear

While attire maketh the man, gear maketh a smart sportsperson. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind:
  • Wear a mouthguard, all the time. Have a special one made for you, to suit your dental frame.
  • It is of the utmost essentiality to wear basketball shoes. The flooring is different from the other sports, hence requires shoes that are specifically designed for basketball. Wrong shoes can actually put you in a position for a mishap.
  • Address your history of injury. Speak to your physiotherapist about appropriate bracing or protective gear- knee support brace, ankle support brace, shoulder brace are your best friends!

Check the basketball environment

Not just your attire, you need to pay attention to your court as well too- as maintenance plays an important role when it comes to injury prevention. Make sure that you:

  • The playing surface is free from hazards such as stones and water.
  • The backboards and baskets are sturdy, well mounted and maintained.
  • The paddings of the backboard are in place
  • Baskets and boundary lines are not overlapping walls and fixtures.
  • The indoor- court is built following safety guidelines.
  • The basketball ring or backboard is not fixed to brickwork.

Other basketball safety tips

  • Keeping technicalities aside, here are a bunch of general safety suggestions, that would help you prevent chances of injuries when playing basketball:
  • Choose your game activities according to your fitness level. Older persons should not try out those flashy moves – this might put you at unfathomable risk.
  • Follow the rules and play fair- this is a given. Cheat steps might lead to missteps that can cost you your mobility.
  • The right techniques for passing, jumping, landing, and shooting should be followed. Similar to what we said above, it is a question of your limbs!
  • Know how to use the equipment properly and safely- this should be written on stone, as it is of utmost importance
  • Never hang or swing on a basketball ring, as there is a possibility of it collapsing on you!
  • Pay heed to the weather- extreme heat or wet conditions is not advisable.
  • Maintain COVID safety and protection- maintaining distance is important as it is not advisable to wear a mask while running.
  • Certified first aid personnel, basketball arm sleeves, first aid kits, icepacks and a stretcher should be available 24x7, along with access to emergency services.


The chances of injuries shouldn’t deter you- go ahead and play your best game!

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