This physiological phenomenon is linked to your average walking speed!

active walking at endurance level

The "health" benefits of active walking practised at endurance level

 Each sports person has their own personal motivation! Some practise active walking to lose weight, others to reduce their stress levels or simply to get out of the daily routine or for the pleasure of it.
These many benefits are increased further when you practice endurance level active walking, that is longer than 30 minutes of effort.

health benefits of active walking

Endurance or resistance sport: distinct effects upon health

Charles Aisenberg distinguishes between the effects of endurance sports and those of resistance sports. What are the differences?

Endurance or resistance: Which one should be worked during active walking?

To know whether you are working endurance or resistance when you are walking, observe your heart rate. "More specifically, the percentage of your maximal cardiac frequency (MCF) during exercise" adds Charles Aisenberg. 

  • Endurance training begins at between 60 and 75 % of your MCF
  • Resistance training begins at between 75 and 95 % of your MCF

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