Top 5 Benefits of Being An Athlete

The idea that you can do yourself some good by practising a sport is no myth! As well as exercising many muscles, athletics builds mental strength given the new situations the mind has to cope with. An approach that is amusing and that promotes general well-being and motivation. Athletics is a sport that covers every possible area - that's what we love about it. Have you got an irresistible desire to find out more about this sport? This article will convince you of the benefits of athletics.

  1. Developing Your Entire Body

Muscly! This is the adjective that is most associated with athletes. This sport works on different muscles and sculpts the entire body with various physical exercises.

Running, jumping, throwing: the opportunities to stimulate the body's movements from head to toe in track and field are endless. Various muscle groups in action doing good to the entire body!

Make sure that the muscles of each part of the body are strong enough to perform the precise movements that are often repeated over and over again in each discipline.

  1. Learning To Know Yourself Better

As you can imagine, sport allows you to discover aspects about yourself that would otherwise have remained hidden forever…

Athletes will sometimes face tricky situations when practising their discipline and good self-knowledge comes in very handy when dealing with these trials.

Your legs cannot go any further, but a small voice is telling you to carry on, right? You are connecting with your inner motivation and, as you will see, it's pretty cool!

  1. Working On Your Discipline

What, you need technique to jump over a hurdle?! Oops, the illusion is shattered… The actions, whether it is running, jumping or throwing, are repeated over and over again in order to memorise them and work on the perfect technique.

This will try the patience of certain athletes, but it is all worthwhile! The room for improvement is considerable.

With repetition, hard work and an understanding of every tiny detail that works, before you know it, your technique is almost flawless.

Our French champions know all about it: every detail of each performance in a competition is analysed after the event.

  1. Discovering The Group

Whether it is a training group, cross-country team, an interclub team or a club full stop, athletics is great for bringing people together.

Very quickly, the trainer and coaching staff cultivate an atmosphere where sharing plays a key role. They pass on their talents and their love for their sport at very specific times.

It is a perfect environment for young people growing up, for meeting all kinds of people and overcoming any shyness!

Athletics is about a track, getting together with other people to share your experiences and achieving success as well as experiencing disappointment and thrills!

  1. Learning To Surpass Yourself 

What is this title?! a simple truth, my friends: we are our own main obstacle to progress… The barriers we put up are huge, when actually, there are none!

Be simple, flexible and easy-going, move forward with no "buts".

The competition, the stress and the advice that is scary but that can really help you to surpass yourself and push back your limits.

If your hamstring is telling you to STOP, maybe your mind will be telling you to "carry on, you will succeed” without actually going to the point of injuring yourself.

Your conscience will be your measure: is it reasonable to push harder?


Benefits associated with the body and mind, a stadium with a great atmosphere thanks to the encouragements of your partners. Athletics is a real "school of life" with strong lasting values. Amazing moments experienced through sweat, discipline and pleasure! Overindulge yourself, you are sure to love it.

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