Aungsumi Sinha

Communication Leader, Mountain Sports.

To share her wisdom and first-hand experience. 

She was 6!!! Yes, that's when she began. Practically brought up in the hills of Assam, Aungsumi has spent a lot of time in nature, hills etc hiking, trekking and doing all sorts of outdoorsy stuff. She's had many many difficult experiences but it has also helped her to learn and develop a solution for many "women problems" that may occur when you're away from civilization. Now she's ready to share them with you. 

My first trek has taught me many things, one of the most important being women's hygiene. What I would suggest anyone heading out for a trek/hike is to prepare, especially if you are prone to UTI and other hygiene-related problems. 

Antibacterial wipes for your lady parts - I recommend V-wash wipes. It's very important that you keep your privates clean and dry. Hikes can make you sweat, especially if its summer. 

  • Do not stop yourself when nature calls. That would only cause more problems later on. Use wipes, dry it up; should be the mantra. This is something I learned 2 years ago from my gynecologist - wipe front to back and not the other way. 
  • Change your underwear every day. Twice, if it's too hot. 

1. Hiking With Periods 

This is a bitch, especially if you are prone to extreme cramps. I have 2 options when I have my periods approaching and I have a hike/trek planned. 

  • Carry pad/tampons, extra in fact. Seal it/ziplock it. 
  • Wipes, again. Use them, depend on them. 
  • Carry your medication (if you get cramps) 
  • I carried sealed bags with me for disposal for the day and dispose them off after we get back to base.

2. Women Who Are Super Sensitive And Allergic To Almost Any Sort of Weed or Fuzzy Things 

Keep your medications handy, never forget them. Same goes for soothing balms, ointments etc, whatever suits you best. 

Know your environment before you head there. Its always better to be safe than sorry. :)

3. Washroom In The Wild?

Ladies, when you are walking in the wild and you gotta go... well you gotta go in the wild. 

You probably won't have the pleasure of a toilet at every hiking spot. So know how to spot the spot. 

If you are in a rocky terrain, this should be easy. Take cover behind a rock and stay away from the shrubs and the weeds. Your lady part will thank you. If you are in a terrain which is mostly grassland, pick a spot which is bare, if not, use your shoe to flatten out the surface.

4. Taking a Shower?

I understand that taking a shower is not always an option when you're hiking unless you have a river or waterfall nearby. If your campsite has a water supply, you can take full advantage of that otherwise wipes are your friend again.Wipe your underarms and other areas more often. This will get rid of the odor so you can start the day on a fresher note. 

If water is available and you're camping with a group of people for more than a day or two, it could be interesting to carry a shower cabin along. This gives privacy to shower/change etc.


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