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Aungsumi Sinha

Communication Leader, Mountain Sports (Quechua)
Hiking, Trekking, Mountain Sports, Graphic Designing


"Coming from a place surrounded by surreal hills and forests, it's not very surprising that my family and I have always been the outdoorsy kind. My first hike was with my grandfather to the closest hill, close to my house. I was 6. It was also the first time my grandpa let me climb a steep rock, (it had crevices). I was good at climbing I guess, always managed to reach the small door on top of the shelf for sweets. :P My love for nature began early and remains undaunted. A new forest to explore is always more fascinating than anything else."""

Written by Author
Feminine Hygiene on a Hike

While hiking in the wilderness, Aungsumi has learnt and developed solutions for many "women problems". Now she's ready to share them with you.

Aungsumi Sinha
May 20, 2019
min read
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